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looking for a clan that is level 10 or higher on elite on black ops 2 (psn only)

hi my name is matt im a australian gamer and im looking for a aussie clan that is level 10 or higher on elite for black ops 2 on psn someone comment the name and then invite me plz i really want to have a good clan that i can join thanks


my psn:mattsbro-99

my youtube: mattsbro8299

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    any country if no one has a aussie one

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    check out Ashes of The innocent (AoTi) we are a global clan that play on multiple consoles, xbox, ps3, wii and pc and is listed within the top 100 cod clans, our ps3 division is active in clan challenges and has gold tags and is also at level 18, our xbox division is active within the leagues, we have a structured ranking system so we are not a messy clan,we have our own website, forums and xat chat, visit our website ai-hq.com to find out more about us and to fill out an application

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    Clan Tags: oAKo

    MW3 Level: 50

    BLOPS 2 Level: 23 - 1800xp from 24

    Clan Leader: D1nOnly-420-

    Members: 59

    Platform: PS3

    BLOPS 2 Clan K/D: 1.39

    BLOPS 2 Clan SPM: 307.75




    We play everyday and enlist in every challenge or operation available. Most of the time we will get Golds and will level up fast. I'm looking for dedicated people who will put forth the effort to actually help in clan events. We don't give free rides, so if you know you won't help much then don't even bother putting in an application. We are primarily focused on BLOPS 2 at this time, so therefore we are only accepting applicants for BLOPS 2. We only accept mature players with over a 1.30 K/D and a SPM over 250. If interested please follow the link below and put in an application on our page. Applications will be processed within 24 hours.




    Authentic Killaz - https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2169676 - Join Now!

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    (PS3) DIZE is a structured gaming community, providing an optimum environment for members and allies. DIZE provides the opportunity for members to participate in numerous clan events including outstanding teams developed specifically for League Play, MLG and an official YouTube channel for those interested in montages. DIZE holds training two times a week and is intended for members who want to learn techniques and strategies to improve their overall game play. DIZE is interested in:


    • Active Members: Those who remain active in-game and in the clan site
    • Devoted Leaders: Those who can lead the team to victory and the clan to virtue
    • Supportive Teammates: Those who can give their full support during the game


    DIZE uses these simple three requirements since a mere prestige emblem does not truly determine one's true abilities. DIZE believes that one should not only be recognized for their prestige emblem but also of what that person is capable in the battlefield. A mic or headset is also required for solid communication in upcoming clan operations and clan challenges.


    YOUTUBE TEAM: DIZE has an official YouTube channel for members interested in building montages. The video team is currently recruiting people who can edit game clips or perform commentaries. The video team recommends experience with a video editing software and a sense of organization. If possible, please include a video link to one of your most recent videos in the application.


    LEAGUE TEAMS: DIZE has excellent teams engineered exclusively for League Play. The league teams are based on location to provide the best possible connection for members. Team leaders are in-charge of the individual teams. Communication and correspondence are important abilities to have while in league play. Spots are limited.


    MLG TEAM: DIZE has plans to initiate an MLG team for competitive members interested in demolishing the ladders in MLG. Spots will be extremely limited.


    It is important for all members to participate in clan related events including clan operations, clan challenges, tournaments and training sessions as it will make you a superior player and prepare you for future challenges to come. If interested in joining or becoming an ally, visit: http://dize.enjin.com/

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    Check this clan out. Everyone is active and does clan ops. Dont be afraid to invite or join clan mates lobby because we r friendly and fun. Join our movement.