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New Video Montage! (Question)


Yo guys i recently posted my first youtube video and i was wondering if i could get some advice. Its a new clan montage and i need some feedback. Is the video good. and what would you improve and how can i improve it. This is the first video up which is why i will probably not post something like this again. All feedback will be added into the next video i will put up. But i can't tell you when and what its about as i think thats against the forum rules. My main question is what would you improve?


Contents of the video: A Clan montage from. Contains clips from black ops 2 and mw3.


Main Guns used: Mainly snipers and a couple smg's (If you think i should increase the gun rage then tell me. E.g. Use shotguns.)


Theres some commentary



Also need tips on an outro.


Is the music for the intro alright.


And should we put in less sniper clips.


There are also a couple tomahawk/combat axe kills. If you think

we should keep those comment below aswell.


If you have anything else you think could be improved then post it bellow. I will give points to the most useful answers.



Thx for the feedback. #BeastImpact