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ok now im confused..


I havent missed playing a game of zombies in weeks?  Have had my blue eyes for weeks.... Why the h-ll dont i have them anymore? I dont glitch? so what gives here.  This morning i was a blue eyed skull with 4 tally marks, now i am a skull with 4 tally marks?  My last game finished not even 20 hours ago?

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    You were never a blue eyed skull with 4 tallies.

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      cool story....? but i was.

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        Congratulations then, you're the first.

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        Actually, you WERE never a four tallied blue eyed skull. Blue eyes are only awarded for having 5 tallies, and none less than that.

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          here will rephrase this for all the people that cannot understand a little help would be nice


          I had four OR five tallies, WITH blue eyes. I played RECENTLY and EVERY DAY. Why did I lose my blue eyes?


          no wonder most of the regulars stopped coming on here.


          it was a simple question? what happened...

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            I think you need to play in a certain time frame each day ive not confied it but I believe its between 7am and 7pm again im not sure if thos info is of any help but seeing as you have played continually for x amount of days then this is the only thing I can think of. Hope this helps

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            Can you actually read, or do you just pretend?

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            What happened? You became hostile towards them too.


            Anyways, as pointed above, blue eyes are given after 5 consecutive days of play. Anything 4 or below have the non-blue eyed variation.


            I've lost mine too without letting a lapse of 24 hours ocurr. With all the mystery in the rank system, I believe that the way a day is counted is not by your own 24 hours countaodnw since your last game, but with a set time the game detects. If you haven't played that "day" before the time resets, then you lose them. That's what seems most reasonable to me. The ranking system is pretty complex, I highly doubt it's a glitch.

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    I supposed when you said you were a 4 tally mark blue eye, that it was a typo. So instead of being self absorbed like most and trying to take advantage of a typo to make someone else feel stupid I will give you the anser to the question you asked.


    the time frame in which  a game is counted for being played that day is unknown exactly.  If you started you last game before the new day started but finished after the new day started then that game counts only for when you started it.  then if you start another game after that server day has ended then the server thinks you didnt play on the given day that you actually finished a game on.  This is how I have noticed losing tally marks even when i play every day, but usually it does happen when it has been 20 hours since my last game.


    I'm still trying to figure out what the time is that the server considers a new day. for now I start playing at midnight  and i play seeveral games until 6am.  I havent lost any tally marks in a couple of weeks doing this.

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    3arc's "day" begins at 7pm (EST).  So you have to play within 7pm(EST) and 7am(EST) in order to keep your tallies.  If you did not, then you will loose a tally.  Obviously some of your game time fell in between those hours and made you loose a tally, it is what it is and they are very easy to achieve. 


    Hope this helps.  Happy Hunting. 


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    Ok, so you had 5 tally marks (BLUE EYES) cause 4 tally marks is no blue eyes...


    It's frustrating to own a game where there is little to no guidence on the game or the ranking system. We have a team mate who lost his blue eyes (skull/knife) and it took him several days to get them back and he plays religiously everyday. I would sway more towards - }{ow much you play & }{ow well you do everyday.


    If you don't mind me asking, how did you do on the last several games you played?


    200 kills 1 downs?

    400 kills 0 downs?...


    I would start up SOLO lets say Transit and rock out a 1k kills with 0 downs and then quit the game, this will vastly improve your kill/death_or_down ratio. Please remember I am merely trying to give you insight on how to keep your blue eyes or better yet rank up to a higher level


    }{ope this }{elps