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Rapid Kills - How did you get them?


I'm fairly confident this matter will have been discussed on this forum at one point or another, so can anyone inform me on the following: the time permitted between linking consecutive kills together for the Rapid Kill challenges?


For example; if I was to make five kills without being killed in quick succession, how long have I got to make the sixth kill before the rapid kill period lapses? 


The reason I ask is that I am still to better my personal best of 6 rapid kills, which is lousy. I am a better than average player, but not rapid, that's for sure. I am a rusher but I also take calculated risks; I also avoid deaths whenever possible, which would perhaps explain my failure up till now. I don't know. 


So, how did you lot get yours? Any input appreciated. 

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    I "heard" that it was about 7 seconds per kill (not completely sure). but I think as long as youre getting medals and they're showing up at the top of your screen, then the chain is still going. Not 100% sure about any of that

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    To be honest these are the calling cards i will probably never get lol. I have seen a post before of people saying play GW, and get a scorestreak and put that out, say for example lightning strike, and hope you get maybe 4-5 kills with that and then hope there is more enemies close for you to get few kills with your gun. But I can safely say i dont think i will ever do this lol

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    Appreciate the input you two, but could really do with some concrete information on the matter. However, seven seconds between kills just seems too long - where did you hear this, ScubaSam?


    @LadyLucina, It's nipping away at me having not got at least 7 or 8 rapid kills. It's rare I have a game whereby I don't get at least a Lodestar, so stringing kills together isn't an issue... I'm obviously far too lethargic at doing so.

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    I cannot answer directly, as I too will struggle beyond even 4 rapid kills.


    What you could do though, is re-word your thread title to:






    and hopefully a whole bunch of people will explain their 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 killer challenges and give you insight into the how and how long of the matter.

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    I got the Master Killer title and so does my friend the easiest way I got my chain kill titles 7/8/9 rapid kills was GW Raid Dom.  I would run pdw ex mags, lightweight/toughness/ext condition/tac mask  danger close w/c4s; then straight off spawn rush hard to the middle were everyone goes to try to snipe c4 once to kill those people then c4 the stairs to get any late people who finished capping the flag.  The people you kill will either spawn right back in the spawn by those cars or to the left.  Plus I nuketown is a good map I have gotten loads of frenzy/super killers with just a shotgun there and didn't have the time to kill more because of the range of the wep.

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    I have 1 Ultra kill, 1 Mega kill and a few Super kills. I got the Ultra kill in the first couple weeks of the games release on Nuketown Demolition without even going for it or realising it existed. I got the Mega kill on Standoff defending the headquarters using the Remmington.


    Lately I have been going for chain killer. I've been trying for ages and it's the last killer challenge I have to complete. I'll just have to keep trying but I havn't even come close since I actually started tryng for this challenge.

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    I have 1 super kill and am trying to better that..I would have gotten more had I not been taken down by a sniper laying on the ground in the back corner of the yard.. how I got it was by using an LMG (hammer) with foregrip, and quick draw, playing hardpoint on Nuketown when the hardpoint was in one of the houses I got a quad kill by tossing a C4 in there and then running into the backyard to mow them all down with the LMG as the clip size is huge and as soon as I got the 6th kill and 3 more guys were being shot by me that's when I was shot by the sniper laying in the back corner......needless to say I was pissed that this guy was laying down there but it is something that should be pretty easy to repeat and I'm sure that that is how I will get my 8 or 9 rapid kills and could work for you.....if you want to add me my GT is RedEyedNik.....just reference this post if you send me a friend request so I know to accept you

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    I have gotten the super kill a couple of times in sticks and stones on hijacked.


    I got the mega kill with the swat on burst fire on nuketown demo they kept spawning in the middle of the map all around me for some reason.


    I got the ultra kill with the swat with select fire on nuketown demo.  I had a guardian in the house and got them while they tried to enter the house.


    I have not gotten the chain killer yet.

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