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Getting Placed In Losing Games

They need to implement some kind of filter for when they drop you into a losing game.


Last night I was placed into FOUR losing domination games, 3 of the 4 were in the second round, ~3 minutes left, and my team was down by 75 or more points.  Can someone please explain the logic behind putting me in these games?  At that point spread, my team would basically have to tripple cap for the remainder of the game to win.  This is HIGHLY unlikely, because once people start leaving the winning team has an advantage, so adding people to the game after they've gotten so far ahead is just pointless. 


The other thing is putting me into KC and TDM games that are 30+ points behind.  Obviously they are behind because the team is uncoordinated or just bad, but putting me in those games is just frustrating. 


TLDR:  Add a filter and only put people into losing games that are reasonably close!

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    How about not backing out over and over? You only get put into losing games if you back out of a game/lobby and try to rejoin. How about staying a while and trying to put some time into winning the game yourself instead of joining and hoping the team is already winning for you?

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    They can't do that because it is not fair to the three or four people left on the losing team.  Are they supposed to just sit there and take the spawn camping?  3arc Needs to fill the lobby quicker if you ask me.

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      It is too bad that the game is in a state that causes people to want to quit... however, there are people who will quit games just because they are losing (i.e. even if the game was perfect, people will quit - these are the people who have caused 3ARC to implement a probation)

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        Yea that's a good idea.  If they filled it back up faster that would help.  Playing for a minute plus down 2-3 people is devastating.


        Also to the above poster:  I get put into losing games sometimes on the first game of the day.  Also If I leave a lobby after a game it sometimes just tosses me into another game or a new lobby, it seems random. 


        I normally won't leave a game myself unless a bunch of people leave and no one gets replaced.  I don't care about my stats, it's just no fun getting destroyed when we are down half a team.  I usually just finish games though and swap lobbies between games if I want to change.

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          Stutterdecoy wrote:


          Also to the above poster:  I get put into losing games sometimes on the first game of the day.  Also If I leave a lobby after a game it sometimes just tosses me into another game or a new lobby, it seems random.


          I can go one better than that.  As I always play solo, after a match I can be sat in the lobby with the rest, waiting for the next match and bam, I am telported to a completely different lobby and a match that is close to ending with a garantee'd loss.  The code obviously has somehing that says if a match is lacking players select a randm mug from anywhere and dump them in.


          The best solution I have heard to all of this is the "use bots" idea.  They use a mix of players and bots in combat training so it is possible.  Just make sure the bots are of a standard to stretch the winning team!

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    I think the penalty for backing out of a game needs to be high, like so high people who do it a lot won't be able level up. I'm playing for fun but to quit just feels terrible to me, I won't do it. I will play outnumered.

      Just play League instead, you can only join at the start of League games.  It is awesome that there is probation for serial quitters, if a kid flips over the checkers board cause he is losing he belongs in time out! When was that institued?

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    While I have experienced this too... literally got added to a losing game in seconds before round was over, but fact is, I've been added to winning games where I didn't get a single kill in last moments, too.


    I literally never rage quit... then again, my stats are not my concern, just good game play.  but clearly players getting out early on purpose or due to connection issue is why folks get added to winning or losing games...and since people are more likely to quit when losing, stands to reason odds are you'll be added to losing games.  Not sure how to fix that for 'fairness' bc as mentioned above, if you join a massive beat down game there's no way for you to turn it around in mere seconds... I just laugh it off and wait for game to restart.


    Then again... I've been on a winning team or losing team and seen new players added that do turn it around and dramatically change game play.  again, sometimes I benefit, sometimes not, but I am far more concerned with host migration killing games than this issue.  can't tell you how many games where I was on winning team and suddenly host migrates and connection is lost... in fact, my stats were reset after just that situation and I was Prestige 4 lvl 26...


    Anyway... love the game. 

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    Everyone paid their money for the game. If someone doesn't want to be forced to play on teams getting the crap pounded out of them they don't have to. It's the player's choice.

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    At least you got thrown into a game that wasn't halfway over.  I get thrown into games that have less than a minute left.  The worst was when I got thrown into a game that I didn't even get to play.  When the screen finally came up it said "DEFEAT" and then I got kicked to the lobby.  WTF?  LOL.

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    They should have a white flag perk where if your team is losing by more than 50 points ( objective game modes) you throw it down and a circle comes up so if 4 out of six people get on the circle the other team immediatly wins and the game is over. No need for rage quitting, just quitting. But this would lead to other problems as well, so i wouldnt know how to effectivily implement this, so much is at stake

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    i tell you what you can do before joining the match is when you get thrown into a lobby just go to spectating and see how the game is going before you join. if you do not select a class and spawn the match does not count against you. thats what i do before going head first on the chopping block.

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    On my other account playing solo, I always get thrown OUT of a waiting lobby and INTO another game that is in progress (sometimes just started, sometimes losing massively)...


    I seriously don't get it I was just making classes and boom screen goes black and then the match loading screen starts, I check the scoreboard and none of the players from the lobber I was just in are in the match I just joined...