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The SWAT. Your thoughts


So guys and girls


The swat. I really dont like it, do you? I thought it was going to be like the M16 from MW3 and its just not. I decide to give it a test drive in harcore kill confirmed. This was the end result. I think this is where this gun belongs.


What is your best setup with this gun??


This is my first live upload as you will see by the connection interrupted. Do any of you still get this??


If you watch it, after 9mins skip to the end. Its just me running around because everyone leaves!!!




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    It's a pretty decent gun for GW, or in a more controlled environment (2 or more people). It's a beast fully auto though.

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    At first I didn't like the SWAT but then it kinda grew on me and now I love it. It's even better now that 3arc reduced the burst delay in 1.06. I usually use primary gunfighter with stock, quickdraw and suppressor.

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    I love the SWAT. IMO it's the most mobile assault rifle in the game with select fire and stock. But I don't bother with the suppressor as I notice a huge difference when trying to get those long shot's. But with select fire and stock it's my favorite assault rifle to run n' gun with. To me it's as efficient as a smg. I can hang with anyone on Nuketown 2025 with it. I hit Gold with it last week.

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    In my opinion: Horrible weapon.


    It takes far too long to fire another burst especially when everyone else is flinching you with their SMG's.

    For me I had to put 2-3 bursts into someone before they went down. I had better luck when I finally put SF on.

    I'm just glad I finally mastered it and never have to use it again

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    @spank.... Use the grip on it when you are using it on burst mode in core.  It increases your one burst kills by a ton I promise.  I only recently started running grip on my burst fire weapons as it didnt seem to be necessary and I only tried it out of boredom.  It keeps your 3 rounds (4 with M8) grouped really tight and one burst kills are frequent.  Used with toughness you will almost never lose a mid or long range fight to a fully auto.  It is a much better gun when it is on burst as you can take out head glitchers and snipers.


    The select fire just causes to much of a damage drop for me and makes it no better then the rest of the full autos plus you dont need ext. mags if you keep it burst.  Try suppressor, stock, FMJ or suppressor stock qdraw.  I know qdraw doesnt help a ton but.....with a high damage burst fire getting that first burst on target might be all you need to put them down. 


    Oh and IMO it is one of the very few guns that actually looks good with diamond cammo. 


    EDIT:  Just watched your gameplay......I wish I could do that good with guns I like let alone ones I didnt haaaa....nice game man you dont need advice/suggestions from anyone.

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    What do you use to record with????

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      The new Hauppaage gaming HD PVR 2. Its pretty exspensive. but as you can see the quality of the video is awsome, and its very easy to use. £150 i paid for it. Then you need some descent editing software that i am in the process of getting. I only have the standard software that came with the hauppage, so i cant really make my video very fancy with effects and things yet

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    The swat. I really dont like it, do you?

    No I do not like this weapon, at all! Its ugly, its slow, its bad.

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    Its my favourite weapon. Its on my beast class.

    Select fire, hybrid sight and fast mag. Perfect for me because its full auto fire and close range dot are good during cqb and the long range sight and burst fire are good for long range. I also have a select fire/fast mag/ silencer class for those HCKC games. Its maxed out 2nd prestige and looks the nuts in diamond camo. Just dont like where the emblem is situated.

    Prestige 10 level 37.

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    I loved it at first, but it is very reliant on connection; all the burst fire weapon's are.  Always use grip on burst fire, it improves the chances of all the bullets hitting.  Sadly because of the way the game lags you end up wasting a lot of ammo, using two bursts when one should be enough.  This might sound a bit daft but if using SF on burst weapons then tap the fire trigger as if it was still burst.  It will save you ammo in the long run.  Of course people can use scavenger as an alternative but I don't!

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    I was using the SWAT last night, I find it a pretty decent AR. Suffers with consistency issues, most likely the connection as opposed to the gun. The gun definitely benefits from a QuickDraw grip to help get shots onto target quickly. It boasts a decent reload time and useable irons so all in all a good weapon. Gonna try it with SF soon and see how it is. Won't be using it tonight as its CTF captures on the clan challenges! Pistol only for me :)

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    Lol, I thought you meant the actual SWAT team, xD I've not tried it.