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Too many EMP Grenades, tuttets, guardians, Dragonfires and AGRs become useless -.-'


To A-Trey-U and the people of BO2 team


It's almost impossible to use turrets, guardians, AGR and so on, there are always too many EMP grenades in the matches, 2 EMP grenades are too many, they can be launched very far away and their range of action it's too wide.

IMHO you should to move EMP grenades from tactical grenades to letal grenades or reduce their launch range and their action range and last but not leat you should change the position between flashbang grenade and EMP grenade, I mean the flashbang should be unlocked at the current level of the EMP grenade and vice versa




Thank you


PS: it's not easy to get a turret, a dragonfire or an AGR, it' very very very frustrating too see them destroyed after few seconds by a stupid grenade