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Over used smgs


At the moment all I see people using are smgs there good but everyone uses them no variety anymore the peacekeeper and msmc. Are the most over used guns on the game anyone agree

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    Someone's mad.


    You know perfectly well why the Peacekeeper is overused, so I won't mention that. The MSMC is overused because it's good, same with the PDW, FAL and Target Finder equipped LMGs.

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    I use mostly SMGs as they are most adaptable to lag conditions. I.e every game.

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    I love assault rifles. I prefer accurate and consistent shots over spray and pray any day.

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    Play some Hardcore.. pretty much everything insta-kills there so people use all sorts of guns... problem solved

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      HC is growing on me, except I wish I could see my teammates on a map to avoid accidentally shooting them, my reflexes dominate my gameplay unfortunately!

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        this is solved by knowing what team you are, what the other team is wearing, i get so frustrated when i keep getting "accidently" shot by my teammates, the only time i shot another is when the dope runs right out in front of me while im shooting


        and playing HC doesnt solve people not using SMGs, people still use a gun that goes down sights faster and shoots faster, reason is because they only need to hit you half as much as in core. even across the map, really no down side to using an SMG in HC