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[PS3] DonZ_KillerS, the fast growing bo2 clan!

Hi, if you need an active and fun ps3 clan then you are welcome to join our clan DonZ_KillerS.

We are a new clan which was created yesterday but already have 6 members. Our goal is to reach level 10 on clan level and we are participating in a clan operation today. We will also soon be creating FB/YT account [ we are just waiting for new members].


If you are interested please apply for us on black ops Elite (you need to download it from PS store if you dont have it). search for DonZ_KillerS, send the application and the leader will be accepting as soon as possible.


Or you could just add me on Ps3 and i will explain to you what to do (my PSN ID is Fifa1209)


Thank You!