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Red Bar guys raping?


What's happened? I'm now seeing more games with players flunctuating between 4 green and one red bar who are unstopable. The majority of games the past few nights have had poor signal players/teams kicking  everyone's ass. Red bar going 36/3, really? The lag is bad lately but seeing redbar players consistently at the top of scoreboards is infuriating.

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    During the Fianl Killcam or during the game look at the scoreboard. Whoever has a red bar mark them as avoid when you are in the lobby.


    Things have changed in the past few days to where you have less players getting into lobbies since they took the matchmaking and kept people from the same continent in the games.


    My idea wont stop red bar players in the games but might help keep most of them from getting into your games.

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    were they lag swithching by any chance

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    Been seeing more of these red bar players the last few days too, along with a lot of two to three bar players now ever since the update, don't know if it's players with poor connection's set to "best" or something else?

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    its usually the guys on a bouncing 2-3 bar that are top of the leaderboards .. not noticed any 1 bar guys doing it 

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    I found myself in quite a few games last night with players on both teams with just one red dot (Bar)  etr, and every now and then the game stalled and that little white connection image kept popping up, and just after i found myself on another part of the map after being shot , and several games during a game i tried changing class to suit how the gameplay was running only to find myself no matter how many times i tried coming back with just a rocket launcher and knife of which i dont even have as a class set up, strange things are going on with this game,

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      if the game stalled for you and then you found yourself respawning else where then it sounds like you have been lag switched


      i would suggest going to theather and loking at those games , check who was highest on the lobby leaderboard at the end of the game and watch from there point of view , if you see people freezing before they get killed then that person was using a lag switch . report and move on !

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    I sometimes end up with a redbar when my connection drops. (The exchange near me is ancient)


    When on a red bar, you cannot move, or do any actions, it simply bounces you back to where you were. Unplayable. This is when I get most of my deaths.


    My connection will then pick up after a few minutes and I'll go back to dominating.


    Red bar does not help, stop crying about it.

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    I've seen one guy with a legit red bar dominating because he had a shotgun and some serious luck. Bouncing all over the place, you couldn't hit him and his tons and tons of shotgun bullets would eventually make contact with you and bam, you're dead...

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    Played a few games last night  where it seemed like a couple of players on the opposing team were strangling their connections to get better results. Signals dropping and then popping back up and so on during the game, but the majority of the lobby remained steady. It seemed to work for them, but my experience is the opposite. Guess I'm not used to compensating.

    Friend of mine actually steals his internet access via wifi from someone, so he's consistently three yellow bars or worse and he's so used to it that he gets very good results most of the time.

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    I am in awe why COD players use the word "ra-pe" so liberally as if it means nothing! Who ever took it upon themselves to describe a video game with the word, is a total moron (not you OP).


    I am guessing the OP is a under age dude who doesn't appreciate what certain words means. I would suggest to the OP be careful using such things loosely, because KARMA is a biotc---h

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    Seen the same here. I feel it may be that not everyone has the DLC so it is putting people together in lobbies based on who does, which adds players who would not normally be thrown together to the same lobbies.


    I played for a while last night with horrible connections. My best round was the last I played where I was a yellow bar connection. The rounds where I was full green I lost .02 points K/D with 20k kills. Great night of wonderful network connectivity. Should have quit earlier but I just kept thinking that each new lobby was bound to give me a decent experience.

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    Thats ridicolous, first it was the the 3 bar godmode players and now 1 bar godmode players? this game is FUBAR.

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    It must be an ISP conspiracy, it can't be the game..

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    One of the guys I play with is always on a 1-2 bar connection.  He never owns anyone and is usually just a liability when he's playing with us and well all have to put on our tryhard pants and sweat our balls off trying to make up for him.