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Stats Reset

Lost all weapons, most camos, no unlock tokens, lost create a closs slots, and my combat record is messed up after going to local, I went to support and checked what I could so figured I should post here. Also, gamertag is username.

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    All I found is this....same thing has happened to my son...



    If for some reason your stats or rank information becomes corrupted, the Call of Duty servers will restore them using a previously stored backup. This means that your rank or stats may not be exactly where you were before the reset occurred. Activision Customer Support will not be able to restore your rank or stats beyond what has already been restored by the automated process. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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    This happened to me to.  I was testing the exploring the new map packs on local before going to multi player.  I am so pissed right now.  Please fix I feel scammed.

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    Same happened to me. Lost extra create a class, lost all perm unlocks. Everything unlocked form Prestiging gone. Got all my perm unlock tokens though. Support said they will look into it, but I'm not holding my breath.

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      i've been waiting to talk to them all day the same thing happened to me last night. i was reset and lost everything. prestige level 3 rank level 29. all my tokens are gone everything is gone i had 8 create a classes. perma unlocks gone. i am not restarting over from pre - prestige again and to even try prestiging again at that too. this is bogus. i was playing local too lol i was trying to get used to the new gun and maps lol.

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    same thing has happened to me. i went to play a local match and everything went back to the start. i am so pissed ight now. wtf is going on with this game?!?

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    Happened to me today... for some reason I got several extra emblems and stuff like that, but I want my extra classes back...