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crossbow gold ronin camo

Can anyone post a video of a bloodthirsty crossbow streak? I just don't see it. You have to be a godly player for this camo. Luck can't even get you there. The ADS for crossbow is horrid, watching my theatres there is so many times my bolt goes through them and hits the wall behind them. On hardcore, you usually die also when you shoot someone, you miss and your defintly dead. Core, you can only really get a kill if you stick someone. I understand the need fo a challenge, but good lord, making it nearly impossible is bullcrap.


And gratz to the 200 people who reply with "I got mine in 2 hours" I think you're all boosters unless you wanna post some videos of your bloodthirsties

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    play sticks and stones....best game mode for it because you are on the same level as other players.....this challange sux.........took me over 6 hours of sticks and stones to get it. only one left that i needed but if you keep playing eventually it will come...

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    I personally havent gotten it. My friend got the crossbow to gold fairly quickly by abusing the spawn trapping that is made possible on some maps during HDC Capture the Flag. However, spawn trapping is hard to do unless you can coordinate with your team. It is also a bully strategy. But, it works.

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    Play Sticks & Stones on Cargo, get up on the red contains behind A on Domination then wait for people to start climbing up, I've had 2 up there so I know it works.