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New clan open for PS3 on the game Black Ops II.


We are a casual and competive clan.  We are currently accepting new recruits to try out in our Tactical Team. We play a variety of game modes.

First come, first serve. However, only the best applications will be accepted.

Click the link above and fill out this application:


*What is your KD? (Must be over 1.00)

*Do you have a working mic?

*Have you ever participated in clan ops?

*How often can you play?

*How can you contribute to RiZE?


**Tell them xPindarus sent you!**

  • Re: BO2 [PS3] Clan RECRUITING

    I'd like to join mate. My rank is Prestige 2 lvl 10 and my specialities are the KSG shotgun and Demolition; I usually plant both explosives in the attacking round.     


    K/D: My cousin came over and destroyed it.

    Mic: Noooope

    Clan Ops: Never had a clan on PS3 ever, mainly a PC gamer (Steam) I have a 61 man clan there.    

    Play: I play non-stop on weekends, and my holiday is comin up.    

    Contribution: ...Beat the crap out of the enemy?

    PSN: nanyuk