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[SOLVED][PROBLEM] Stats/rank has been reset after DLing REVOLUTION

Seems this problem has been popping up in the last hour for many of us!


Please post a +1 here if you are experiencing this problem (ALL stats reset after downloading the new DLC)


I'm hunting around for an answer now, post a solution here if you find one!



********** SOLVED! **********


Just to update this thread...


As many have probably read already on the forum, a form to roll back starts now exsists.


https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Rank-Has-Been-Reset-or-Rolled- Back


My stats rolled back today! (it took around 24 hours after filling out the form) I'm happy enough to have them back, however I lost about 30 levels of prestige 4 and went back to level 55 of prestige 3. Also I'm missing a few of my gun unlocks.


Anyway, hope you all got your stats reset sucsessfully.


********** SOLVED! **********