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rip off

the new map so bad what were they thinking

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    Don't like it? Don't play it. Don't bother the rest of us. Thank you for trolling.

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    they were thinking that they couldn't please everyone and that they were bound to get some bad reviews of spoilt shi*s like you who get bored of a map 12 hours after its release because you can't adapt and you don't like change so you keep dying and blaming it on their "poor" map making skills which aren't poor they use imagination to keep games interesting.


    they were also thinking that many people would like their map because they like zombies and continue to buy their maps


    and im sure they had the thought that if you don't like it dont buy the next one and go buy yourself a copy of WAW if you like original maps that much


    nuff said

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    It's his opinion. Let it be. If he doesn't like it. He wasted him money. Not your's. the last you guy's could do I relate or ask why.

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    I personally love the new maps, especially Die Rise. Probably the best zombies map to date(other than Moon).


    What is it you dislike about them? This thread is incomplete, you didn't give any reason why you don't like them.