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Diamond camo, I feel exhausted

So I finally have my first diamond camo on smg's...I didn't really start trying until the 2nd prestige because honestly, I had no idea they existed. But now that I've finally completed this challenge, it seems that I'm somewhat disappointed. Why you ask? My goal is to ultimately get all guns to diamond, so now that the smg's are completed, I don't really have time to show off my hard work. I'm going straight into AR's without hesitation. I guess I could stop and go back to my smg's for a while, but has anyone else felt this disappointment? Anyway's, happy hunting ya'll.

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    Its not so bad with the others as alot of the time you can get diamond before getting master prestige level 2, so you can rock gold for a bit but with subs i got gold and prestige max level around the same time

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    I know what you mean, done the assault rifles, but i didn't fully prestige them, saved the prestige till i had diamond. Currently doing the smg's now

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    To me it is bitter sweet. I like knowing that I have them in my back pocket, but I hate not being able to continue to use guns that I have become very good using. Then again, I like the challenge of new weapons too. The only thing that worries me is the fact that since I have almost 4 systems diamond, I am almost Master Prestige and all the hard work for completing challenges with new weapons won't count for crap. I have a feeling once I MP and diamond all categories I will stop playing. I don't see the allure to keep playing for contest, as this game is very hit or miss in that aspect. If the game played more consistent, I might at least stick around and play with friends to help them out.

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    IMO, the camo is hideous! It's like Lil Wayne's necklace design. Personally, I dig the Carbon Fiber camo on ANY gun. I think it just looks great and it's not shiny as hell which I believe can also catch the enemy's eye at range giving your position away. It kind of deceives the purpose of camo IMO. They should just take out create an emblem and add create a camo. Just my two cents....

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      I'm right with you there. I too like the carbon fiber "look" the best. The last thing I want when trying to "not be seen" is add bling! 


      It's a darn shame they didn't give us an additional unlock upon completion of a class' mastery like "Blue-steel" or something. I would dig a nice dark blue-black that hides well.

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    yeah its annoying but, it at least give you something to work for


    I have all LMG's diamond


    and almost done with AR's, just have a little more to do with the M27 then i move on to the scar, than the last gun.. can remember what its call, thean im done




    havent decided if ill do Smg's.. im not a fan of them.. might do shotties, but.... i donno yet lol

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    While I'll spend most of my time concentrating on getting a gun to gold, it's also good to let yourself go back to a gun that you already have diamonded every once in awhile just to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  I've got SMGs and ARs diamond and I'm working on the LMGs and Shotguns.  Heck I might even try my hand at the snipers even though I'm not good with them just for the challenge of it.  I figure that I have at least until November to play BO2 so it's more important to have fun along the way than it is to power through every challenge even though I do get caught up in the grind from time to time.

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    I just dont see Diamond as a prize. It looks like arse and I would never run it. Ronin is the best looking camo.


    All the camo unlocks are easy and can simply be "ground out" so I see it as no showing of skill or anything to show off really. Never been a grinder, just a player.


    For the "gotta catch em all" player, more power to ya'. Different strokes and all that.

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    I just got my ARs diamond last week and it was a task. Im now on to LMGs, I dont really play SMGs all that much so i dont know if ill do them. But you should not do it if its not fun.  There is nothing keeping you from playing with diamonds, enjoy them for a bit. What keeps the game fun for me is the challenge, Not the trophy.

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    I have AR's and LMG's "diamond".  I won't get the other ones diamond simply because I don't use them.  I only use AR's (FAL and AN-94) and LMG's (all of them really) so those were the ones I got them for.  I have no plans on doing them for Shotty's, SMGs or anything else.

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    I felt same way after getting LMG's Diamond, hardly ever use them now.  I do however have a diamond shottie as a 2nd primary so not all is lost.

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    I have AR's and SMG's diamond. I'm not gonna touch the rest lol. It was a stretch for me just to get those two classes. Only sniper I use is ballista one, just cause I wanna get the iron sights for it. Don't use LMG's or shotguns.

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    i have all ar's, shotguns, and smg's done, and i am currently working on lmg's.  not sure if i will mess with snipers yet as i have hardly used them.  but who knows, if i get bored (i'm at master already) then i might just go for sniper's and pistols just to have something to do.  lol  smg's were the worst for me, and lmg's seem to be taking forever.  lol