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    ive been a  huge fan of the FAL but im ok with the nerf.. the gun is a bit over poward witht he select fire... i would disagree with it if select fire was not an option for the gun


    ive always been a semi auto kind of guy but i see all these kids who use this gun with selectfire, and i just think "man, this kid has no busness using a semi auto"

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         I'm confused, you are for or against select fire?

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    lol sorry


    im against it... only because it made the gun way to easy to use

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    I'm failing to see the logice behind this

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    ghamorra wrote:


    I'm failing to see the logice behind this

    Exactly, there is none!

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         Oh yeah, I'm with you.  I love this gun in hardcore.  OHK from anywhere on the map, but takes skill to use.  They could make it bounce like a ghetto cruiser with select fire, and it wouldn't effect how I use it at all.

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    Personally I don't see the point of the nerf.  It's quite a good gun with select fire but for all the it's OP complaints out there, I'm not having any trouble killing people that are using it that way and I've barely touched it since I got it gold a few weeks ago.  That being said I don't think that the nerf will have any affect on my playstyle.  It's not too difficult to switch the gun to burst fire for the long range shots.  In fact, I often did that anyway.  However, this will be the second nerf of this weapon for the very same reason and I hope that 3arch is finished appeasing those that blame the weapon rather than their own skill level for their deaths.  There's just too many people that need everything spoon feed to them nowadays.

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    The FAL is half the gun the Mk14 use to be. The only reason people complain about is becuase its the best AR in the game. In terms of well roundedness. Also its a single shot weapon, by their very nature they're suppose to have power



    I don't understand anymore

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    I bit off topic since once again i create a thread of value, and none answers it, but responds to complaint threads all day.. but any word on when ps3 is getting the patch?

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         They did such a good job with weapon balance, people have to look harder to cry OP.  So logic need not apply.