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  • 10. Re: Constant whining

    I know there are some who would moan if the game was perfect for 99% of players, that's the nature of people.  That is why I said "I'm sure there would be a little less of it" rather than it would be eliminated. 

  • 11. Re: Constant whining

    Frustration is the cause for many of these posts, I recently posted about the screen freeze f**king me right off.  Don't get me wrong I would rather not and if the game worked properly I wouldn't have!, but unless Treyarch start interacting nothing will change.


    On the other hand most whinging posts are made clear in the title, so no-one has to read them.

  • 12. Re: Constant whining

    This thread is full of people whining about other people whining.



  • 13. Re: Constant whining

    Its not a whining thread, merely an observation of this forum

  • 14. Re: Constant whining

    Just to clarify this thread is an observation of what this forum is.

  • 15. Re: Constant whining

    I don't whine, I merely make observations about the game

  • 16. Re: Constant whining

    Nobody is making you read the threads either.

  • 17. Re: Constant whining

    Almost every game developers forum is. This being no exception. Need to go to third party forums to find meaningful discussions. I guess people figure that the devs forum is the place to complain as they will most likely not be monitoring other forums. Though the approach most people go about on here about issues  with the game are somewhat put forth in a less than educated way, which is why I hazard to guess that there isn't much response from the devs on here.

  • 18. Re: Constant whining

    did i say i'd read them, dont need to its the same sh*t as usual

  • 19. Re: Constant whining

    Say you bought a bike and when you got it home and opened the box it had no wheels would you just not play with it or would you argue your case well its the same thing ******* they advertise and sell you and i quote [THE BEST ONLINE EXPERIENCE] which aint the case so next time type slow and give yourself time to think before you speak. I spent my hard earned money on something treyarch , sony and activision said can do something that it really cant im sorry im not as rich as you and able to ignore basically getting jerked out of $65. And what really kills me is they have add-ons for something that dont work.... FACE IT THE GAME IS A LEMON...

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