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what u want in map pack 2 for zomebis

i think the next map pack should have like a water park so u can slide down waterslides or make like a haunted house and put like clowns that chace u in it that would be sick. and another thing would be like cedar point or something like ride rides to get to places. comment below what u want in it

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    No just no

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    I want the map to be like the BO1 maps. No fog or teleporter lamposts. I really want the fog creatures removed or changed also. I wanna run from place to place freely.

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    New types of zombies for one. The zombies they added in Shangri-La were actually challenging at times. I' like to see more of that in the future. Secondly, I want different guns in the box and on the walls. I want a new wonder weapon, and new gadgets, not just monkeys-or even gersch devices--something new. I also want to see either the old crew come back or different characters. I really don't like the TranZit characters at all. Also, new perks. I don't want just the old perks to return. I want brand spanking new perks as well. Lastly, I want to see a second pack-a-punch machine that offers a real second upgrade for your gun so we can actually kill zombies in the super high rounds.

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    A big map with some bad ass guns and 8 (yes 8) new wonder weapons & all new perks, 3 new zombie bosses (like in shangri-la napalm screemer etc..) a new way of transportation (a old tank) , new equipment buildables 1. a headlight 2. a sonic blaster (hand weapon) 3. Flamethrower (overheat possible ) 4. chainsaw ( parts hidden and need to sacrifice other equipment to make it (ex. using the battery from the sonic blaster)) 5. perk machines (parts are all over the map and can be customised (ex. Electro shock (does electric dmg with frags) flopper (doesnt do dmg to self from frag)). AAND a realy long but not to easy and not too hard easter egg with a big outcome (ex. Gives 80k points or box gives special guns) .Best of all 8 PLAYER TRANZIT (we have proven the game can handle 8 players no prob on tranzit) tell me what you guys think