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Joining to unfinished games

I'm really sick of it. Joining to game where enemy team have lodestar,warship,swarm,k9 unit running is such bullshit. Also joining to unfinished free-for-all games is just waste of time. Why there can't be option that prevents you to join unfinished games? You just could put it on or off from options menu. It wouldn't be really hard to make and useful for players. This is my opinion and now I would like you to tell your opinions about this

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    I know. I was going to post that here too. ******* ******* up my win streak.

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    If there was an option to never join unfinished games, then nobody would ever join unfinished games.

    Whenever somebody would leave a lobby, nobody would fill his place, and eventually the lobby would become empty until the team forfeits.
    It's a required mechanic.

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      As far as I know, there wouldn't be anyone who would want to fill his place anyways.


      This is usually what happens:

      *Person leaves game*

      *New person joins and notices that it's a game in progress, so he leaves*

      *Endless loop*


      If new players are going to leave anyways, why bother leaving in that "required" mechanic?

      It only frustrates joining players.