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shock charge, c4 combo.


as if the bouncing betty and shock charge combo wasn't enough, now theres an increasing trend of people planting c4 and shock charges in hard to see locations. with this cheap tatic the shock charges won't set off the c4 but it'll give the user a bunch of hit markers and that shocking sound; and really the only way to counter this combo is having engineer to see it, with either black hat and/or EMP grenades or an explosive. or have tac mask with ice skates on so you can get out of the blast radius of the c4.

or having flak jacket so the c4 won't kill you.


and the c4 will sit there forever until it gets destroyed, the owner dies, or the owner double taps X accidently.


this **** needs to be fixed before it starts replacing shock charge, betty combo, either have a timed clock on the C4 so it can't just sit there forever, or move shock charges over to lethals. it won't stop this but at least people will have to actually sacrifice a point if they wanna do this cheap tatic.


tbh i'd rather have the c4 just being used as a instant explosion grenade (as much as i hate it) instead of this tatic.