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Call of Duty Competition Eligibility.


I'll start off by apologising for any gibberish in this post I've just woken up.


So I noticed that there is another competition on this site, a site used by thousands of people all over the world. Naturally I saw the prize and thought great I'd like to win then but of course in the T&C once again it's US only, I understand that a Care Package edition would be a big thing to ship internationally but that doesn't negate the fact that Activision, Treyarc and Infinityward are 3 big international companies who have a big international website who only run competitions for there US users and to be honest is a bit of a slap in the face. Even the last competition which was for earphones was a US only competition, how much would it have cost to ship? an amount certainly managable by one of these companys.


Please reconsider your competition rules to at least include the UK and Europe, you're an international company, act like it.

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    This i second, it semms that the only internation company that actually gives a crap is microsoft as they actually have competions for different areas. They may not be big prizes but at least they are focused on the bigger picture. Personally if activison dont get thier act together then they should be SUED by EVERY non US gamer for discrimiation because of not focusing on the international comunity. Its like saying here have this, actually no you cant as we just dont think you're worth it. I would love to see what the response to this is after all only 20% of COD gamers are based in the US!