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I guess Double XP Weekend Means Double the problems as well

Hey All,


Let me start by saying that Blacks Ops 2 is great, but i am getting so frustrated with the servers. I just played for 2 hours and experienced, what i call "skipping". It it like when you watch streaming video on YouTube with a slow connection and the video pauses every few seconds. I continue to experience this when I play, but now it seems to be getting worse. It causes me to drop from many games, which i know bugs folks, but it is just too frustrating and takes all the fun out of playing.


I have comcast with 64M Down / 5M up, and i am hard wired directly into my box. I tried that to see if i still encountered the "skipping", which i still experienced. I have installed the game on my HD so i could take out the speed of the DVD drive on my Xbox, but that did not help.


I am at a loss and wanted to see if anyone else has the same issues and if they figured out anything that could help correct it...


Thanks in advance for any help and Keep'em Shoot'en