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What is going on today?

Two days ago I was having fun with the game.  I would have some great games, then some bad ones.   Today,  every SINGLE time I shoot, I die. WHAT is going on??????  Was there a hotfix?   For example:   I'm happy with a 20/20 score. Even 15-10.  But every game I have been having today is like 5-16, 10-20 etc etc.   It makes me not want to play this game anymore.   I get up to 9 kills then choke.  I'm not the best player in the world, but my skill level didn't drop overnight.

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    The last match I played was crazy. I was getting triple and double kills only to die every 5 seconds. I was using Extended Mag but even 54 bullets wasn't enough and I was dying trying to reload. We managed to push forward and clear our spawn out, and once we did that we finally got broke away, but the first 2 minutes of that match was insane

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      this game is b.s, kills and wins are not decided by skill, its based on how the server is treating u that particular match.

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      I had to stop playing last night due to me killing my own team constantly. While i was ADS and a team guy got in my line of fire, my weapon would shoot automatically with a headshot to boot.

           Happened a few games in a row. I had to turn my mic on to apologize but by the time that happened i was kicked. Then again......i raged of coarse, i just thought it was weird.

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      This happens quit a bit to me too.




      It is a roll of the dice and you will not be a killing machine every game OP, Accept that. I've had many nights in a row where I can barely stay positive but then magically, I rampage for several days in a row offsetting my bad games from before. I think people are too analytical about this game ALL the time. You can't win them all and you won't always have a good k/d. As soon as you accept that, you will be amazed at how well you play with a calm mind even if you have terrible lag issues. It's all in the mind my friends......keep yourself calm and you will enjoy the game in the long run. Luck of the lobby matters.

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    Stuff like this from the devolopers really **** me off.   I don't know if he is joking are being very arrogant.  Or both?



    David Vonderhaar @DavidVonderhaar    

    But I need you to buy Revolution. Because my new car needs tires already. Goodbye now. 




    We are pulling our hair our in fustration, and he says stuff like this.

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    Last night was horrible for me as well. I had to quit after the 3 game. If you get the jump on someone with a AR and they turn around and instakill you,there is a major problem. Also getting shot by a person that wasn't there on my screen gets annoying. Hopefully today will be better.

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    Same S**T different day comes to mind!

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    I came up with a phrase that everyone on my friend's list agreed on for this game. This game applies the rule of Shoot 1st, Die 1st. And I couldn't agree more with that statement.

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    Make a secondary account and go from there. Play the first 10 levels in Combat Training. Then switch back to your main account and see how different it is. I got fed up last night playing with a friend of mine that I told to accept a friend request from my secondary account just to see if things would be different. Went from level 10 to level 17 in 3 matches. Called in at least 2 dragon fires and 1 lodestar per match. Switched back to primary, couldn't even get a UAV.


    Now the lag was about the same on both accounts, but the quality of opponent was not. It, in a way, makes up for the lag. Think of it this way: if you are always playing people of your same skill range and rank you will have a competitively tough time. Especially when they are able to instakill you and your bullets are foam projectiles. Now, imagine the same scenario against not so great players. They still have the opportunity to instakill you, but at least they aren't good enough to get on target right away.


    Saved me from breaking my disk last night. I just can't expect that I will be playing this lag infested, glitched to hell, cheaters running rampant, skill modified matchmaking load of crap much longer period.

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    im pissed of with the fact that ps3 and xbox are equal systems[ps3s better] and xbox get the map packs early

    its really not fair

    it would be better if treyarch included something extra with revolution for ps3 but they do not

    sorry for a random post just angry

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    I have a theory on this.


    The way the game is set up, flaws and all, should not be this consistently inconsistent when it comes to your in-game latency.  So my thinking is that after a couple games early in a session where you are suffering from bad lag, you'll tend toward going on tilt (to borrow a poker phrase), which then leads to more bad games during the rest of the session.  And obviously by "you" I mean "most of us".


    I notice this with myself sometimes, too, and I've found that even something as simple as shutting down the game for a couple of hours to have dinner and watch some tv or something, then resuming my play afterwards, will often result in better games.  It was the same way when I did play a lot of online poker: you'd take a couple of bad beats early on in a session, and it would affect your play throughout in a subconscious way and sort of snowball.  Most serious poker players will tell you that their biggest session wins are dwarfed by their biggest session losses because of this tendency to subtly tilt and start chasing those losses.


    I also had a bad session last night, and I'll try again later tonight (I want to get close to a few mastery badges before the double XP weekend starts).  We'll see how that goes.

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      I have noticed that when I start a session I have good games. Then host migration, end of game, lobby changes and I get awful games. If I quit back to the main menu and then go back into a lobby I get back to having good games. I don't know if this means I am generally made the host, but I have also noticed that everytime the games are getting bad players drop out and I generally have non-english speaking opponents replace them. Funny that it would go like that. Also I have noticed that despite there being 50k plus people in a playlist I play the same players day after day.

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    I had a problem playing this morning. Awful games. I'd look to my right leaving a door and no one is there. So I turn and head straight. Then I get shot from the right side and the guy is at least 4 steps passed the corner. Wtf?


    The enemies seem to be equipping the 'Magnetic Push' perk too. Where my gun bounces all around them. Some games I have the 'Magnetic Pull' perk on, unknowingly, where my gun just lands on them all the time. Am I just more focused sometimes? It doesn't seem like I'm trying any harder. It's just weird to me. I hate being a conspiracy guy but.... I just don't know.


    The weird sound bug thing happened too.

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      This game has a very serious flaw with how it depicts where an enemy is. I can't count the times I quickly check right/left before crossing an opening only to be killed by someone standing where I know no one was at. Even at 30 FPS you should be able to see an enemy coming. I think the issues are bigger than people think at the moment. How can this be 2013 and I am still dropping frames so much so that I don't even see the enemy standing in front of me?

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    I'm just enjoying my time off not playing this garbage. Adding years to my life not getting mad every day.