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Ok, if you're a noob, read and learn these simple rules of Zombies:


1) Do NOT steal Zombies. At the beginning, there's usually 4 windows. Watch your own. Don't steal and be a troll. If someone **** trains, do not steal them and take points that's not really yours.


2) Don't be a troll and hold on a building peace, and refusing to add it. It's just childhoodish, and stupid. If you're just going to troll, why the heck do you even play Zombies? Get a life then, that's all I can say.


3) This is maybe the most common one: Don't spam the box until you run out of points. Sure, you get a Ray Gun, but when all others have Juggernog, you'll just get downed even though you have that Ray Gun. The box doesn't dissapear, people. You have plenty of time grabbing it. Here's my tip: If you have a lot of points, give the box a dice or two if you want. If not, buy a wall weapon, MP5 for example. You don't need anything else in the beginning! Stop spamming the box, and rather buy a good wall weapon, save up for Juggernog, THEN you can start spamming the box. Remember: What's the point of having a good gun if you can't survive? This happens all the time; noobs die because of box spamming and no Jugg, so they cry and ragequit.


4) Play fair. I've played with people so many, many, many, many times (most in BO1) that says something like: "Open the door! If I do, I won't get enough for the box!". Why shall we pay for all of the doors so that you can get the box? We want the box and perks, too. It's very very often that its ME who has to open all of the doors, then the 3 other players spam the box and get the teddybear, like I said in tip number 3. Play fair. It's not one player who shall open everything and buy everything for you.


5) Don't stand still in the middle of the map. Zombies can come from practically everywhere. And if you get surrounded, you're dead. Simple as that. Keep moving, and always watch your back.


6) Learn the super-duper-ultra-mega **** Train trick. Simply run around in circles, gather up all of the Zombies, and when you see no more Zombies are spawning, then start to shoot. If you start to shoot while they are spawning,  they'll just come from behind while you are shooting. Avoid the zombies as good as you can while gathering them up. Learn the place you are training them; learn the places you can run if you get stuck at a spot.


7) Don't shoot when it's Insta-Kill. I can't understand how someone can be so stupid. When you kill them with one shot or stab, and you get more points for stabbing, and you save ammo from stabbing, then why shoot? Knife when Insta-Kill is on, people!


8) Don't grab a Power-Up like a crazy gorilla. It's not about being the first one to grab it. No no no. It doesn't matter who grabs it, and there's no need for panic when you see one.

     MAX AMMO: Reload all of your weapons before grabbing it. Remember: Max Ammo doesn't refill your magazine, only your spare ammo. Also throw out

                         of your Monkey Bombs and just spam ammo like crazy before grabbing it, since you'll get all of that back.

     HAMMER: Nothing special, just grab that any time.

     NUKE: Hold it here! If you're **** training, and you see a nuke, don't grab it! You'll only get 400 points, while you can get thousands of points if you kill

                the zombies FIRST, then get additional 400 if you then grab it. If you see a nuke at a level change, grab it, and you get free 400 points. Also

                you should not grab it if there's many Zombies in the field. Kill them first, then grab the Nuke for additional 400 points. If it's emergancy, then

                you are of course free to grab it, though.

     DOUBLE POINTS: If it's at a end of a level with only 1 or two Zombies left, DON'T grab it. Wait until there is as many Zombies in the field as possible.

     INSTA-KILL: I've explained that in tip 7.


9) If you're gonna get a lot of points, don't use shotguns for God's sake. Use a fully auto or semi-auto weapon.


Thanks for reading! If you have more tips to them, feel free to post them below!

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    We should really have more of these threads.  The 800 existing ones definitely aren't enough

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    7?  Assuming you've got your ammo under control and your banks full then I'd go for shooting over stabbing.  There's no stats for knuckles, but headshots, grenade kills..

    The other problem with stabbing is the inevitable perk on the end of your knife/knuckles


    But hey, I'm probably just being stupid

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      No no, you're not stupid, you're right! It was foolish of me to write like that. I should say what you said, and another thing I remembered, is that it's not easy to stab when there's a big mess with zombies. Easy to get killed, y'know

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    I love how much effort you put into this and I agree with the most of it .... but the whole 'stealing zombies' thing is (in my opinion) just nit picking. At the end of the day the game is about surviving and killing zombies, not complaining about people 'stealing' your zombies. Look at it like this, they're basically doing you a favour and helping you preserve precious ammunition for later rounds. Great post tho, I hope ppl who are new to Tranzit will read this and improve their games because its been a while since ive had a long and fun game. Just so happy i have borderlands 2 to keep me going in the meantime

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    ok I know what your tryn say but think about it.

    How many noobs even come or even know about the forum?

    simple fact Ive played with so many people that dont know how turn on the power because someone else does it first. Im not sayn noobs dont come here but its very few.

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    another tip is as most people know the knucles are one hit kill till round 13 so what i do on town survival is buy m14 and save until i get the knucles. i dont hit the box until round 14 or 15 usually. with the knuckles i usually make my points back in a round or 2. also not sure if this is proven or not but i noticed people throwing grenades in the lava and getting more power ups??? and my final tip is when the box is in the corner (not the bar) DONT CAMP THE BOX

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    good post only a couple small details I would kind of disagree with.


    1. As far as not killing zombies in peoples trains, I agree. Its a kind of a dic move to run up and kill someones zombies after they worked on getting them all lined up. The only thing I disagree with about this tho is alot of maps there are only one or two spots to train so that means some people will be run full loops. On Kino for example if one person is running a train on the stage and I am running loops around the map, when I run into the stage I wont hestitate to take out the dudes whole train if **** is crazy and I feel i may get cornered by his train. Of course I wont even shoot a zombie if I dont have to. On maps like Tranzit or Ascensions there is no reason to kill peoples Zombies. On other maps sometimes it has to be done.


    2. As far on not shooting Zombies on insta kill, if its round 35 and zombies are coming hardcore I will shot the zombies on a insta-kill just to get the round by quicker.


    Small changes but kind of important imo.


    Good thread tho, thanks for the help or I should say thanks for trying to help the noobs lol.