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Desperately need help

I'm currently down to just 10 bloodthirsty's for the m1216 shotgun and I would have unlocked the diamond camos for the shotguns.  I've tried every game mode possible but just can't pull it off.  I've been the closest playing hardcore kill confirmed but find my self getting out dueled by pistols.  Who would of thought a pistol will out perform a shotgun in closed ranged?  During the OHK journey I had a little success playing hardcore capture the flag but lately everytime I join its in a spawn trap.  I actually was able to get the s12 bloodthirstys pretty quick playing chaos moshpit in a couple of demolition matches but this gun is the worst in "core" modes. It literally takes all 4 bullets in the chamber to kill anyone and everytime I flank some enemies I get killed in the re-chambering process.  I've even tried just simply camping in one spot but that gets boring and eventually just doesn't last.


Overall  I'm not completely lost with this gun because I still can finish with 15+ kills with it a game, its just frustrating trying to rack up multipe kills in a row due to the low damage and low range. So I'm open to any and all suggestions and actual strategy of what some of you guys have done to unlock gold camo for this gun.



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    I think the easiest way is to play sharpshooter.  You will have to wait for the gun to come up, but when everyone has the same gun as you it is a lot easier to get a bloodthirsty.  You can also level up all the guns in the game and it is a fast way to level up.  The bad part is it will severely drop your spm.

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    do you use tac insert at all?  i know the TI only works when you get killed which logically doesn't seem like it would work while trying to get bloodthirsties...


    but usually if i put the tac in a good spot, i'm right back in the action a second or two later after dying catching the enemy off guard and running through'em getting 5 or more kills.


    try experimenting with the TI some if you haven't already, and find corners in hot spots that you find yourself sprinting past.  And equip Fast Hands!

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    Try attaching the laser sight and going for headshots. I've dropped some people really quickly even in Core this way.  I'd imagine that it would be a OHK in HC.

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    Just a quick update:


    I skipped my workout this evening and had my wife take the kids so I had 2 uninterrupted hours to play.  To make a long story short I camped my way to 10 bloodthirsty`s playing FFA.  I couldn't believe how easy that was thanks to some patience and shock charges.  So thanks again for the help.

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    If you're playing HC anything can outgun anything at any range