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Reporting players for doing suicide?

I am not sure about this so i ask you guys before i do false reports, is it ok to report a player who is trashing his stats by doing suicide? its basically reverse boosting to get into easy lobbies.


I ask because yesterday i had a match where one player did suicide with C4 for the whole match.


Can i report these players? is this boosting? what do you think about this?

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    I've seen this as well, some guy kept jumping off the cliff into the sea on Yemen . I knew what he was doing but thought it's better he does that than hand kills to the enemy, seeing as he clearly felt he lacked the skill to face opponents with his current stats.

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    While technically you are correct presuming that his intention is to get into easier lobbies for the purpose of completing challenges more easily, I doubt that it would be considered as boosting officially.  I ran into an obvious Prestige Master glitcher a few weeks ago doing the same thing.  He couldn't compete at all in our lobby when he tried so instead he just kept killing himself in the hopes of lowering his stats enough to get back to lobbies where he could compete.  I wouldn't bother reporting them.  They're already punishing themselves by playing this way.  It's pretty pathetic but oh well.

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    I personally wouldn't bother but if he cost you the game etc by not helping then I might consider it . But it's up to yourself . I don't get why anyone would want to do this lol "YEAH !! I'm Beasting on a full lobby of noobs !! I'm so great !! " Meh your just lying to yourself !

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    I wish i could see you guys responses, for some reason it doesn't work. The forum is broken, VAHNDERHAARR!!!


    edit: lol now it works, WTF!?

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    who cares? I did this all the time in MW2 that game was broken to heck noobtube/danger close everyone nuke everyother map. The only fun I had in that game was seeing how many deaths I could get in one game.  (my record was 0-203 on afghan.)

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    I have actually done this before in kc. I was so out of sync, could not get a shot off before I was instant killed every time. It was a close game and I was hurting my team. So to prevent enemy from getting my tag, I killed myself repeatedly with Semtex. Not sure if this is cheating. If it is, I wouldn't do it again, but worked that game...if you count team winning but have 40+ deaths a victory.

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    what are you going to report them for? Boosting their KD to a lower amount? LOL

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    I report 'em. They're taking a valid spot, completely ignoring the objective, causing us to lose the match, only to abuse the Matchmaking system in order to compete. I find it no different than boosting, you are purposely influencing your stats by a game mechanic. And ffs, don't be a smart ass and say "What about killing, that's to your stats!".


    Infact, I looked at the leaderboards today. Kill Confirmed and TDM mainly. If Treyarch just looked at the top people, there would be a **** ton of bans, with a message being sent. If only..

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    I would say go ahead and report him for "reverse-boosting." But do not use the ingame report of "Boosting" This is not boosting. He is playing his game and if he wants to kill himself, then that is his choice.  He is not physically helping the other team win, nor is he boosting (which technically means to raise or lift) his stats.


    Know the difference between boosting and reverse boosting.




    Before you hate, i do not do this nor do i condone it.  But that player may do what he wants within the limits of the CoC. The CoC says nothing about reverse boosting.

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    I can't see why you'd care really.....They're doing themselves no favours by doing this, sure they may find easier lobbies but their stats are trashed anyway...I'd think your reports would be ignored.

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    I'm guessing most of the people who do this have youtube channels so I'd say that's the best place to name & shame them but then again if boosting is just exploting game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage then surely this counts. Interested to get an official line on this.