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For some reason when I went to Black Ops 1, all of my achievements were gone. I figured this must be a glitch.

I honestly don't mind though because I thought it would be very fun to do them all again.

I need Adension, COTD, Shangri La, and Moon.

Yes, I still have all my map packs.

I don't care what age you are, you could be 13+ for all I care. Even squeakers I don't mind. You just need to be good, (25+ rounds) and very co-operative).

My gamer tag for Xbox 360 is "Phat kiwi man".

I would love to fill up my friends list with dedicated zombie players so if you would like to have a good time at zombies, whatever age you are, add me.

I am also doing a live comm for Die Rise so I would LOVE decent zombie players to play with, find Easter eggs, do Easter eggs. ETC.

This is your chance to have fun at zombies people.

Add me or I can add you.