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Big Youtubers

Other then Tmartn, Syndicate and WoodysGamerTag is there any other big YouTubers that give helpful insight into Call of Duty and or other games and actually know what they are talking about?

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    Hmm I prefer to watch people that just straight up "beast" on the enemies like FearCrads, TheMarkofJ, OpTiC Scump etc. Or for comedy like Whiteboy7thst his live reaction wager matches in BO1 were hilarious.

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    Onlyusemeblade is pretty chill to watch, driftor and maximillian for nerdy but useful weapon breakdowns. plus they dont sound like caffeined out kids lol.

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    dritf0r .. he gives very very very detail in depth videos. trust me, you'll be surprised.

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    Drift0r and XboxAhoy are my faves.  I prefer vids that provide insight into the game like stats and recommended loadouts.  For comedic relief Elpresador and MinnesotaBurns are good.


    Not a fan of vids that where the commentary is unrelated and is just overlayed over gameplay.

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    drift0r is the only one i watch for useful info, only one i really listen to as well.

    and i watch wickedshrapnel for other stuff

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    Tmartn hurts this game more by telling everyone what to use. ACR in MW3. Syndicate he isn't a bad person but I hate his 12 year old fanboys. Saying he's the best. Bringing up the fact that he made it to 115 on Kino Der Toten. Woody just helps promote camping. xjawz is just a money hungry youtuber. Same with Whiteboy. Now the people I do watch. Burns just for a laugh. Elpres just for a laugh. For zombies I like to watch the Relaxingend. He's one of the few that don't commentate. I'm not really big with the high scoring youtube videos. If you seen one than you seen them all.



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      There is nothing wrong with people helping other get better.  I just wish that they actually learned how to play better.  Most people cry about someone else being better or call them bad for any reason they can think of.  TmarTn is very useful.  I don't watch Syndicate.  Woody is very informative.  xjawaz has some good content like the UAV limitations before anyone else.  Whiteboy is really annoying.  Burns has some garbage content.  Sp33dy, D4, and Jahova are fun to watch and have good content on a weekly basis.  H20 Delirious is funny.  Hidden Masters is fun to watch.  Ali-A is very informative.  Etc.

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    I highly recommend F1stdacuffs, he may sound arrogant sometimes but he is actually a very cool guy.

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    ......lol am I the only person that watches Blame Truth??

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    Has everybody forgot Smoove? He's the most genuine guy ever,and he plays with his subs every day. Who else does that?

    The crew are funniest on youtube,and general minus:)

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    KYR SP33DY



    Deluxe 4

    Deluxe 20.


    Used to watch F@G till they started being all about the money.

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    There's only two I ever pay attention to and that's Moofda and Supervelous. I like the more lighthearted approach.