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Making Weapon Prestiging More Attractive


I like the idea of weapon prestiging but I know a lot of people aren't doing it just because having all the attachment unlocked after you take a weapon all the way up is nice to not have to go through again.  I do think that this can be improved though where people will want to prestige their weapons.  Here's my idea I'd like to throw out there and please Activision listen because people I've talked to online that don't prestige their guns would start doing it if you implemented this.


Weapon Prestige 1: Add Clan Tag To Gun (Same)

Weapon Prestige 2: Add Playercard To Gun (Same) (Current Max Prestige For All Weapons)

Weapon Prestige 3: Permanently Attach Any Attachment To That Gun Where It Doesn't Take Up One Of The Ten Slots (Primary & Secondary Weapons)

Weapon Prestige 4: Permanently Attach A Second Attachment To That Gun Where It Doesn't Take Up One Of The Ten Slots (Primary & Secondary Weapons) (Proposed Max Prestige For Secondary Weapons)

Weapon Prestige 5: Permanently Attach A Third Attachment To That Gun Where It Doesn't Take Up One Of The Ten Slots (Primary Weapon Only) (Proposed Max Prestige For Primary Weapons)


It would require people to think ahead about which attachments they add permanently so they don't have future conflicts with other attachments they would want to add in addition to making weapon prestiging far more attractive as it could basically give you an additional two to four slots for your Create-A Class Modes. If people want to roll with just those three permanent attachments to a gun and utilize additional Perks or Secondaries then good for them.  If people want to add up to six attachments as long as those attachments don't conflict with another then so be it.  All In All I feel like this could be one of the best Create A Classes Possible for the Call of Duty franchise if this idea was permanently implemented along with the Pick 10 system.


Please give some Feedback.

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    I dont necessarily agree with permenant  attachments. I would support weapon attribute increases though.


    Prestige one and two keep


    Prestige 3 and 4 permenantly increase range and acurracy by 1 square.


    Prestige 5 permanently increase damage by one square


    Prestige 6 permanently increase rate of fire by one square.


    Of course the increases can be adjusted however but that would make you able to reconfigure your weapon how you like and get stat increases.

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    No, giving a weapon strength with prestiging is penaltying the other's.

    Just a nice camo at a high prestige would be nice

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    I think you went to high with 6 presteiges.

    1 and 2 should be as they are now


    3 would be design your own gun camo

    4 (if 4, probably not, built in primary gunfighter.  Saves you one slot OR - built in quick draw or fast mags... these would be traits one would get naturally from using a gun for so long)

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    I dont really agree on the perm attachments that dont take up a slot but I do like the idea of adding more then just 2 weapon prestiges. I always prestige my guns for 2 reasons. 1: re-unlocking the attachments gives you xp bonuses. 2: You have to do it if you want gold.


    Maybe something along these lines would be cool


    weapon prestige 1/2. (same) after 2nd you can get gold/diamond. (same also)


    weapon prestige 3. choose 1 attachment to perm unlock for the gun. still takes up a slot. still earn xp from the attachments that need unlocking. now you have a reason to show off your bling instead of immeadetly moving to another set of guns while earning some bonus xp.

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    I'd suggest something similar, yet not something that would effect gameplay.


    Weapon Prestige 3: Show weapon level on gun.


    For instance, have an "etched in" numerical on the gun, somewhere visible, like where the clan tag is, that shows your current weapon rank.


    After reaching Weapon Prestige 3 Max, your gun would continue "Leveling up".  For example, you could be Weapon Prestige 3 Level 25, if you continued using that gun and kept leveling it up.  Award points towards leveling up for kills, bonus points for headshots/double/triple...etc.


    It would be cool to show off your Akimbo Kap40s if they were Ronin Camo, level 99.

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    What about the number of kills you have with that gun etched into it? Could be a Prestige 1 or 2 thing. If it updated in real-time as you killed someone that would be kinda epic.

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    Two prestiges are enough. Any higher than that and there is nothing that makes prestiging in the first place worthwhile.


    As it is, there are no attachments that significantly change overall performance in the first place. Who cares if you can add a permanent attachment? The attachments don't affect my performance that much anyway.


    same with the perks, for that matter.