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Whats a good score per minute?



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    I would say 320 or above is generally good and above average.

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    Around 300 is enough to end up at the top of the scoreboard usually.

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    A Pig that flys

    0-100 Bad, usually low KDR, and never plays objective

    101-250 Decent KDR (still around 0.9) and plays objective on occasion

    251-350 Average SPM. Around 1.0 KDR and plays objective to win

    351-400 Above average, plays objectives and gets lots of kills

    401-500 Really good, usually objective whores and gets around 30-50 kills per game

    501+ Amazing. Most objective based player in the lobby, and usually gets swarms gamely. The best players

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    Depends on gametype.


    TDM will be lower than Domination or Hardpoint, as there is less opportunity to earn score.


    If you're playing TDM solely, I'd say anything over 250 is good.


    If you're playing Domination, I'd say anything over 400 is good.


    If you're playing Hardpoint, I'd say anything over 500 is good.


    If you're playing Kill Confirmed, I'd say anything over 550 is good.


    That being said, there are different playstyles that can be equally team-based and effective, but will result in different scores.  For instance, a flag-capper will get the 200 points, but the guy defending him while he caps the flag won't get any points.  The guy controlling half the map in Hardpoint, not allowing the enemy team to pass, won't get as many points as the guy who holds down the Hardpoint location.


    SPM is a flawed stat.