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I was being harassed for my K/D in a Dom game. Really?


So playing solo today I decided to work on some of my shield kills in domination. I run shield with no weapon (trying to get a camo) and some battle axes and perks, whatever. So at the end of the game (which we won) I get hated on by the whole enemy team. Apparently I am a booster because I am prestiege master, and went 9/32 that game. I didnt even know where to begin with that one. First I explained to them how killing people with a shield and axes is a little harder than normal. Then I proceeded to point out how I was in second place on the leader board because I had 12 caps and 6 defends. Then they went on saying it doesnt matter I boosted. I told them to look at the lobby leader board, and they finally shut up. Apparently playing the objective and having proof of it will shut these kids up. Anyone else have this stuff happen to them? I am sure I got reported but dont have anything to hide so whatever.. but damn how annoying.