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Type 25 - Great gun, but  a problem ive found

Ive just startecd using this, and so far its working well for me. Its currently my best kdr on any gun ive used, BUT im noticing a problem after using it for maybe 15 games.


The gun pretty much needs EVERY attachment at the same time. Its got a great fire rate which is what I need given my bad connection to US hosts - but this means it eats bullets, and its impossible to get a 4 man feed with just 30 rounds. Not 10 mins ago I crept behind a TDM team and was faced with 4 guys sniping, I killed 3, ran out of ammo, reloaded and got killed Suppressors needed coz its noisy as hell -  Its a 4 shot kill close up, and its like an smg, but its a slow reload so you need fast mags, you also need grip for the recoil at anything mid-long range its like a 10 shot kill due to many shots missing, especially with wiimote, you need quickdraw coz its slow as heel to ads, you need red dot coz the iron sights are rubbish at distance, you need stock for the speed when ads, you need extended mags for the low mag number if your flanking, especially without suppressor. Whatever you end up equipping you end up being short on 2 or 3 other aspects.


Also perks, as a capper, I need lightweight to move faster than a slug, you need scavenger, coz it eats ammo, you need toughness as its not the quickest killing gun, and your gona get hit a lot, especially from range your gona die if you dont have this. You need ghost if you dont wana get powned when the uav spam erupts, you need dexterity ,again due to the low draw speed. You need engineer if running care package, as half the streaks cant be used with the wiimote


After reading what I just typed I wonder why the hell im using this piece of carp - still, im doing something right, as its statisticaly my best gun - I just feel im missing an arm when using it.