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A troubling trend


A few odd things have been happening the past few days.  1)  Seems like some people can't be killed.  Empty an ACR clip into their back, they calmly turn around and kill you.  2)  Can't lock onto some air support with a stinger.  Pull the L1 button and you get the bring-it-to-your-eye animation, but no lock.  Finally, 3)  Recon drone won't tag some people.


#1 isn't lag because I can watch my kill cam and see I did indeed blast his ass.  I don't know if lag can cause #2 and 3.


Guess I should turn my theater back on and see if it's always the same people.


Anyone else noticed this?

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    The people not dieing I run into all the time, shoot them as much as possible and they just laugh at the bullets and kill me. It is like using rubber bullets sometimes, I am so used to these guys now that playing against "normal" guys seems so easy and it is like 1 shot kills them lol


    Them there are the 1 shot guys, they are so fooking annoying! Does not matter what gun they use you are dead in 1 shot!