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Looking for a MW3 clan - ImZakGood

GT - ImZakGood



I have MW3

I am very active ( about 8-10 Hrs a day )

Not very competitive

I have about 1.10 KDR

Favorite mode's :

- Infected

- All or Nothing

- 2V2 Faceoff ( Mostly all I play LOL )

- Free for all

- Team Death match

- I sorta like S&D. Not really though.

I am 17./Male

Looking for a clan that has a yellow clan tag

I also Enjoy playing COD Bo2 Zombies (Not really a fan of the multiplayer/solo mode gameplay.)


If you would like to recruit me, My GT is ImZakGood. Thanks !



I am a very Experianced gamer, I've played FPS game's for about 4 year's

I made Youtube Montages on my previouse FPS game called ' Combat Arms '