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  • 50. Re: increase of camping.

    Completely agree A-man. Diverted the attention? He had a shotgun. Had the other team not been running the idiot perk he could have stayed up there the entire round with low single digit kills.


    I would also easily argue that had he actually moved more than three meters and helped control the board that it would have eased the pressure on his teamates more than his grand "distraction" plan. Team deathmatch means working as a team, controlling choke points not Wait Death Match while your other guys are actually working for the win.


    In fact I literally just finished a round of TDM on Hijacked. There were two of us working the board. I went 16-5 my other Teamate was 17-8. We won but the next highest guy was 11-12 with he and his three other friends ironically setting up shop in the same balcony as the vid and getting crushed while the other two of us were pushed up past the middle of the board on either side actually trying to control things proactively.

  • 51. Re: increase of camping.

    It's not impressive but it proved very effective against a lot of TDM players out there. The thing that made The Worm's strategy viable is the amount of players who don't know how to deal with it. They kept on running to him over and over and expecting a different result.

  • 52. Re: increase of camping.

    Then all that means is he was playing against sh*tty players. 

  • 53. Re: increase of camping.

    Yea, i have noticed. The last game that I played was on Standoff and the just camped Blue building. The whole team. So i got mad busted out my fiveseven and rushed them. Killed them all. The one this about Campers i know is that they are predictable and most likely will go to the same spot...How i learned to check my corners.

  • 54. Re: increase of camping.


    And all of it could've been avoided had vonderhaar not forced his "run and gun" mentality on his team


    What DrKuhn is talking about is the pre-release video of Vonderhaar explicity stating that TA wanted to make this game "more chaotic," more run and gun - all in response to "community demand."


    More "run & gun" = politically correct way of saying "less campers."


    So, um, yeah, they actively stated this game was supposed to be unkind to campers. And like I said, I could care less if there are campers or not. But in the attempt to rid the COD world of camper complaints, they failed. Pure and simple.


    My suggestion now, and always has been, is to explain the premise of the game to the community better than they have. Something like, "Yeah, there are campers. There always has been and there always will be. This game is as much of a mental challenge as it is the physical challenge of reaction time."


    IW, to some degree, took that approach with MW3. They openly stated that camping is a legitimate strategy. That means that the player camping is doing the right thing: what works for him.


    What YOU need to do is figure out how to overcome the camper's strategy.


    In the past, that was best done by using Ghost to flank the campers.

  • 55. Re: increase of camping.

    So... am I the only one disturbed by the OP's choice of Forum Names?

  • 56. Re: increase of camping.

    Hey alteast you know where people are camping now because of Ghost.  If you cannot kill a camper then you just are bad.

  • 57. Re: increase of camping.

    TDM has always been and will always be a camping mode, so will CTF. But since the OP didnt specifiy what he played, I dont feel bad for  him.

  • 58. Re: increase of camping.

    yea my man, I was going to say something but didn't wanna give him his jollies. that's what he's looking for with a name like that.... shock value so when someone calls him out on it, he can go on about freespeech and yada yada yada and it turns into a political conundrum yada yada yada. i do take offense to it, just bad taste especially in a FPS and the sentiment of the country right now.

  • 59. Re: increase of camping.

    I think a lot of the increase in camping is because people are trying to enjoy the game but when rushing experience a lot of the camera/lag issues so they become corner dwellers and shoot people in the back.

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