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Not Unlocked Calling Card


I completed all of the Demolition unlocks,but "Demolition Master"Calling Card wasn't unlocked.

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    idk i have the same problem it say i have 8/11 complete when i did them all but i heard somebody said it might be because you finish them in caos moshpit treyarch can you plaease fix this i worked to hard to get the demolition master calling card and it wont give me it!!! thats bs lots of people have the same problem

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    Same here. 8/11. Its been over a month. If you check under challenges in Elite you might be able to see exactly what challenges for the Master are frozen. Never heard about the chaos moshpit problem. That makes a lot of sense.

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    same here

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    I unlocked it at one point, and now it's gone.  Known issue, I believe.  I'm sure it'll reappear after one of these fixes. 

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    dang so alot of other people are having said issue, i shold have checked the forums before i posted XD i have 10/11 and mainly played chaos moshpit... tried playing a few games of regular demolition to no avail hopefully it gets fixed in a patch or something

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    I can confirm it is not a Chaos Moshpit issue.  I didn't realize this playlist even existed until a week ago.  Up until then I've been playing Demolition exclusively for months and I'm stuck on 10/11 as well.


    If I log onto Elite I appear to be frozen on Interruption and Shutout.  With 40 hours of Demolition played I'm sure it's safe to say I have killed more than 5 bomb planters.


    Plenty of posts about this already on here but they never get anywhere.  Anyone tried contacting the developers directly via Twitter about this or heard an official response? This is pretty frustrating considering it seems to be a fairly elementary issue.