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    That's close range for me. An example of mid range is the distance between the walkway and the control post on the middle. I would rather have the pistols work the way they are rather than have them underpowered on any situation just like in MW3. In MW3, they are just a waste of weapon lineup.

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    I am severely dyslexic managing to even type coherently is a challenge for me forgive me my faux paux of not taking an hour to reply to every post to add in punctuation to ease the burden of your poor eyes

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    I completely Agree with you . Pistols= Overpowered. LMG's=Overpowered No Recoil. Its a freakin LMG are you serious. Snipers= Dont even have to hit you they can shoot within 5 feet of you and its a 1 shot kill almost every time.

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    Maybe because everyone complains about how there is no weapon balance and that this gun is OP or that gun is OP?

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    All guns in this game are just fine... just the lag that is making you think that gun A or gun B are op... I have worked on all diamond camos so far and only got two pistols and the assault shield left... and I can easily say that I can do so much better in this game if I am sporting a smg. Any other gun is a meeehhh okay gun. I had people ******** at me about me killing them one shot with a pistol a few times while I am working on my camos... but why was it one shot...??? because I am aiming for your head to get the camos. Headshot=one shot.

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    I agree with pistols and snipers... but lmgs I have the lmgs in diamond the movement cost and ads times are handicap enough for an lmg usually they mess lmgs up and make them unusable but at least mw3 had the l86 with thermal and now the lack of recoil actually makes an lmg a viable primary weapon.


    Now the difference is the pistols are secondaries they are not alternatives to smgs and assualt rifles they are weapons that you rely on as a last resort when you either need to reload or you are a sniper to claim they arnt viable is stupid because they have nothing to compete with in that respect they dont need to be powerful they simply need to be able to do their job which they would with about a 35-50% decrease in damage

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    HEY HEY HEY now.... Canned meat is my line. You do not have permission to use it!!


    And to add my position in this treat. I do think the pistols are a bit too strong. They are labeled as secondaries for a reason. Should not compete with primaries! I think the pistols in BO1, mostly the M1911, was one of the best pistols to date.  I could do work with that pistol but it did not kill faster than any primary weapon. 


    Also OP... I agree the weapons in BO1 were actually greatly balanced as long as your remove the famas from the equation.  That thing was one of the most OP weapons in CoD history! Right there with the PDW in BO2

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    Using your logic all weapons should be primaries. for all can kill in one shot when the shot is in the right place. Even the xbow will kill in one bolt, and so will the smaw and rpg. So using your logical all of those are OP and should be nerfed because they can beat your choice of primary weapon.

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    Honestly, the pistols are fine. It's the player and his HEC. And depends on ther aim and how many shots they can sqeeze off. I play Hardcore so one shot will do the trick....every blue moon I will have to slip 2 shots. Also if they are shoot chest up it does more damage.

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    nicedrewishfela wrote:


    So you comment on a thread with the same exact content and then post another thread? Canned meat.


    Pistols take up a CaC slot, so they have to be usable, viable alternatives.


    The guns in this game are amazingingly balanced. You must have never played with the Python in Black Ops. That gun was a sniper from range and a shotgun up close.

    Are you fuckiing insaine? All the weapons are balanced??? check combat records next time you are in a game lobby 90% will be SMGS, why? because SMGs are the most effective gun in the game BY FAR if weapons were balanced you would see a nice mix of AR, SMG, LMG, shotgun and snipers as the most used weapons by people NOT smg, smg, smg, smg, smg, smg, ar, smg, smg, sniper, smg, smg, shotgun, smg, smg, lmg, smg, smg, smg


    There is no gun balance in a game when one gun type by far rises above the rest, tho that can also be attributed to map design, reguardless balance is NOT there when it comes to the different types of weapons


    but seriously on the topic of pistols, they are meant to be a back up weapon, not be effective as a primary (most maps in this game make it so a pistol can be used as a primary and stand up to actual primary weapons just fine))  at not point in time should a PISTOL be able to outgun an ASSAULT RIFLE at medium range short of teh AR user just plain sucking, but they often can and that shouldnt be happening. I wouldnt say they are OMG OP!! but they are def stronger then they should be given their weapon type

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