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Best Class? Need Your Input

So I'm working on an article for our website called "10 Best Classes in Black Ops 2" and to complete our article, I need your input.


I know everyone has different play styles and my favorite class doesn't nessecarily have to work for you. But I'm trying to get a general idea of what classes people are using.


Could you reply below with what you think is the best class in Black Ops 2. Or in other words, your favorite class.









Thank you for taking the time to reply to this thread.

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    Silly article. There are no best classes.


    People have to find what works for them. Its going to be different for everyone.

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    Edit: I agree with the post above me, but anyway, here are my best classes.

    I've aready posted my main class setup in a lot of other threads, so I am actually going to show here one of my back-up classes.



    SMG 1 (Named this one SMG P90TR, reference tothe good ol' P90 from COD4)


    PDW57 Fast mags/Laser sight

    KAP40 Akimbo


    Cold Blooded

    Ext. Conditioning


    Concussion X1

    Pretty good rushing class. I use it when I get bored of the next class. P90 PDW57 i useful for Medium range combat, KAP40 is useful in close range encounters. It i like they are made to be used togheter




    SMG 2 (I named this class Yuyuko, and the weapon will have has cherry blossom camo on it. (Get it? No? AWWWWW... )


    MSMC Laser Sight

    NO secondary

    Lightweight/Hardline or Flack Jacket (PERK 1 GREED)

    Scavenger OR cold blooded

    Ext. Conditioning/Dexetrity (PERK 3 GREED)

    NO lethal

    Concussion X1

    UAV/CUAV (or Hunter Killer Drone)/Orb. VSAT


    VERY good domination setup. You are imune to explosives, and can get to objectives quickly. Laser Sight helps since you don't have the luxury of aim while capping Domination points, and the concussion helps slowing down your opponnents.




    Assault 2 (AR alternate)


    TYPE25 Laser Sight/Stock/Silencer (PRIMARY GUNFIGHTER)

    KAP40 Akimbo



    Extreme Conditioning



    Basically an SMG mentality with an Assault Rifle build. You may prefer the FAST MAGS instead of the silencer, but If you master Reload cancel like I do, there is no need for that, and I like the irons, so NO to Optics.

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    @nicedrewishfela - Well  yea, obviously. That's why I said I wanted to get a "general idea of what classes people are using."


    @FamilyTeam - Thank you for the classes!

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    FAL OSW, Tac-45

    Target Finder, Select Fire, Grip

    Hardline, Fast Hands, Dexterity

    Bouncing Betty


    Hunter Killer, Hellstorm Missile, Lightening Strike

    Primary Gunfighter



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    Here is my default SMG class. I use this setup on all of my SMGs.


    Primary Weapon: Any SMG


    Perk 1: Lightweight

    Perk 2: Scavenger and Toughness

    Perk 3: Dexterity and Engineer


    Attachments: Fast Mags and Stock


    You will need to dance around when you get into sticky CQB or dropshot. Stock helps a lot in this area.

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    My class for Plaza/Hijacked:


    Perk 1: Ghost

    Perk 1 Greed: Blind Eye

    No Perk 2 Until I unlock Scavenger again

    Perk 3: Tactical Mask

    Perk 3 Greed: Dexterity


    Lethal: Combat Axe

    Tactical: EMP grenade


    Gun: Tac .45

    Attachment: Long barrel

    It's a fun set up and really tests your aim.

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    My Run and Gun class:


    Weapon: Submachine Gun (any works, but I favor the Vector or MSMC)

    Attachment(s): Red Dot, Laser Sight

    Perk(s): Perk 1: Blind Eye, Lightweight. Perk 2: Toughness. Perk 3: Extreme COndtioning, Dead Silence.

    Lethal: None

    Tactical: None

    Scorestreaks: UAV, (counter UAV or Care Package), Lightning Strike

    Wildcards: Perk 1 Greed, Perk 3 Greed


    This class I use for HC TDM, TDM, and Kill Confirmed, generally anything game mode that doesnt require me to be trying to catch grenades.


    I have a few more set up but this is my main class. My domination classes are pretty awesome too if I must say so myself. Which I am sure I am.

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    primary: MP7. attachments: rapid fire, FMJ, fast mag. wildcards: primary gunfighter, perk 1 greed.


    perk1: hardline, ghost. perk2: scavenger. perk3: dexterity


    no one seems to use or like the MP7 anymore but i think its quite good (though not as good as MW3) also the gun emblem is in a good place...for once

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    MP7 in HC with a laser sight is deadly

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