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  • 40. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

    The problem is that people doing just one or the other; either look only at the minimap OR only use their eyes which, from my experience, BOTH aren't very smart things to do. People need to use a balance of both the minimap AND their senses.


    If you only stare at the minimap, you're easy prey for Ghost or suppressor users who can sneak around behind you. And if a Ghost user is smart enough to use the Counter UAV, that makes even the Orbital VSAT useless (and with only half the score needed to get). Not to mention you're completely unaware of your surroundings most of the time, so you can sometimes run right past enemies and they'll get you from the side or behind. If you used your senses, you wouldn't be caught off guard so easily and be more aware.


    If you only use your eyes, you can STILL get snuck around behind, but even by non-Ghost users simply because people who only use their eyes are usually only looking in front of them through their crosshairs (thinking even glancing at the minimap makes them "red dot chasers"), even if there's the sound of gunfire and guys yelling as they die. If they looked at their minimap for just half a second, they would've at least seen the green arrow near them disappear, signaling the player's death and maybe a red dot appear briefly, signaling an enemy is nearby (even if suppressed, the disappearance of the arrow is sign enough). At the very least, it will tell them to be more aware.


    So many times I see both things happen and yet people are just in total disbelief, wondering how the enemy got them.

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    xCabry wrote:


         Black Ops 2 overall is a great game in my opinion. Other than a few rather game breaking problems this has potential to be the best Call of Duty yet! It all depends on how treyarch reacts to complaints by the community.

    I agree. Like you said, lag comp/hit detection issues are problematic, but I'm really enjoying Black Ops 2.

    One of the points I don't agree with you on, is the buffing of Ghost. I really like the new Ghost. I love that if people aren't constantly moving, they show up. I don't want campers to be able to circumvent the mechanics by just moving around just a little in their camping spots.


    As it is, campers (I still get a kick out of it when people say, "I'm not a camper, I like to hold down an area.")  have a lot of head-glitch spots, which I'm fine with, but if they can also strafe back and forth behind a head-glitch spot and not be seen by UAV... Not a good idea.


    I'm definitely going to miss this version of Ghost in November.

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    So I've been playing BLKOPS2 pub matches as much as I care to, and thought i'd check out league play. Managed to get the placement games outta the way and a few other matches here and there but it's virtually impossible to find a match that works!!! the lobbies full 12 players right, but it wont start. i put myself into a lobby over an hour ago just to see how long it would take if i was extremely patient well I've lost my patience and im done trying. i made it to like rank 87 platnium div. after maybe 12 matches total which was cool the one day i could actually play but now it seems like since no one in my div is hardly on (outta a possible 344 ppl playing) it'll never find a match. league play gets a big fail from me altho at first i was amped about it.  so another thing is ok... i fire my gun i heard it go off, aimed square at your chest a couple "pops" at least, i get killed... ok fair enough takes more than two bullets to kill on core mode with my weapon of choice...lets watch the kill cam... oh on here it doesnt even show me aiming at you let alone firing my weapon??? Or FMJ kills can anyone here send me a link to a weapons sight that advertises bullets that can shoot through 3ft of concrete? my dad owns a concrete outfitt and i grew up with guns, im telling you... you cannot shoot through even a foot of concrete with any hand held gun let alone 4ft so sick of it, also when bullets hit debris it changes their trajectory.  Hmmm... oh ya last thing how is that every year the knifing becomes worse and worse its a joke watching 2 guys circle jerk each other until one guy gives up on his knife and just runs away, ive put a knife clean acrosssomeones throat and no kill and they'll stab 5 ft beside me and get the kill, even the kill cam agrees with me that they are no where near me, and props to them for landing it it's not their fault the knifing is a joke.


    From a guy that has pre-ordered every prestige edition game since the NVG's

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    Yup. and this game has the worst spawn system ever seen to man. and the point streaks have a record breaking rate of spawn killing. not being able to be invincible a few seconds after spawn is the biggest downfall. especially from point streaks. honestly. im fed up with it. i just went 16-0 and then i got spawn killed so many times that i ended up going 23 and 26. mostly from hunter killer drones, lightning strikes and hell storms. I died literally less than 3 seconds after i spawned from over 80% of those deaths. seriously this game is fulll of crap. and the game before that i was 18 and 0 and a guy on the other team quit and then we all went back to the lobby. so much for my high kill streak i could of had. thanks treyarch for crappy connection flaws and a crap spawn system. no. seriously. it sucks.  the worst part is that they dont give a crap about our opinions of the spawns. they just give us excuses.

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    i hate it cause 65 percent of people cheat boost lag switch and glitch.

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    1. Lag every now and then,

    2. SMG noobs.

    3. Spawns are horrible. Just a few examples of only today.


    Spawned between a enemy and a friendly.

    Spawned with my back to a enemy

    Spawned and got insta-killed by a hunter drone

    Spawned infront of a sentry gun.

    People spawning behind me. Really ? This is just insane.

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    I Hate it because ive been deranked 3 times and activision and treyarch haven't done anything about it.

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    wow that guy needs to be HUNG!!!!   I unfortunately feel like theres alot of that going around in this game....

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    I hate mainly because of lag compensation!!! I have 100/30 Mbit net with very good latency(1-2ms to my country(Hungary) and about 20 to Germany), and i'm suffering almost every day in this game. Everyone kills me with 1-2 bullet, and i have no chance to respond. I do not enjoy this form of the game. All other problem is to get used to it. But not this. The game, with this current connection system: unplayable, and not fun to play. Practically a waste of money...

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    Alright, i agree with most of your points, but Shot guns are definitly not over powered. IF they nerfed them any more then they would be like the hs10 akimbo from blops 1. Or the aa12 from mw3.


    If anything shotguns need a buff, if they are going to compete with long ranged weapons. On top of that, shotguns are primaries meaning they should get extra range anyways.


    Maps are personal choice, from every other players point of view. I personally like all the maps 10X more then moderwarfail3 uhh excuse me i mean Moderwarefail1.9 (worse then mw2) aside from point streaks.

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