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Tattoo and piercing topic


Do you have tattoo's and/or piercings and what do think of them.
Personnaly I like piercings and tattoo's but some people go to far.
So far only 3 piercing. Both earlobs pierced and right ear the top.
In the earlobs the ends are nuts (nuts and bolts) and top of the ear die and spike. Spike will change to a die also

First tattoo is being drawn by brother in law which it a tattoo artist. Will get the tattoo as a wedding gift

Will conclude:
Life is a gamble.
13. (lucky 13. GF and I got and a 13th engaged on friday the 13th and will get married next friday the 13th)
A die with the numers 2,4 and 6.

Style a bit like this artwork on a chopper