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  • 40. Re: Give the noobs a playlist

    you can earn XP against bad players by simply capping objectives

  • 41. Re: Give the noobs a playlist

    I think your clutching at straws now, nobody would ever go into a playlist just to cap objectives when it would take 100 times longer to rank than playing normally.

  • 42. Re: Give the noobs a playlist

    not really you can go into dom and cap objectives and just hang out waiting for them to take it back its not hard i did it all the time in MW3

  • 43. Re: Give the noobs a playlist

    So if you can do that in a normal playlist why would anyone do it in this one and why would it be boosting if they done it but not when you done it?

  • 44. Re: Give the noobs a playlist

    i never said it wasnt boosting i got reset for that kinda stuff because we would camp right next to them let them take it and the kill them and take it back perfect example of how incompetant players can allow for easy XP and if you dont go positive on a consistant basis you cant get a better KD so if they just go negative alot they can keep thier kd down no suicide reqiured

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    By that logic you will be going against the best and that may make you as you call it an idiot who needs to go play on the noob maps.

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    You got reset for killing and taking back a flag, never heard so much rubbish in my life, maybe you meant you were playing in 2 teams of six and boosting.

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    I know they are.  Allegedly.  I've seen some retarded lobbies, location wise.  Yeah, thats the optimal/best/only lobby available to you at the time blah, blah, blah.  As far as SPM goes, I've seen absolutely no influence of it in pairing people up.  Every lobby I'm in the SPM are all over the place and have no relation to each either matchmaking or other stats, and that's including Overall SPM & Playlist specific SPM.  The game really feels like it pairs with the first available connection, & the other terms/mechanics involved just become senseless chatter.

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    its one thing to take back a flag after they cap it its another to stand there and watch them cap it then take it back we did it all the time even during the clan ops its not hard you need to stop bashing on people and come down off your high horse its just call of duty if you dont like your team mates into a clan maybe you would have more friends if you didnt rage so much

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    Haha I play with a six man team nearly all of the time, last night was a Sunday so it was only me on because I have a week off work and had to put up with these sort of people and it got me thinking then I shared my thoughts because that's what people do on public forums.