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bo2 ps3 clan looking for new members


(reposting for clan leader)
Hey guys! Are you looking for a fantastic clan that plays most of the day? Well heres a clan i created a few weeks ago, take a look!

Only have 53 members but we have recently came with new ideas!

Heres a review;
MW3 - 2
Within 3 Weeks
K/D BLACKOPS2 - 1.01
MW3 - 1.02
My K/D - 1.16
My LVL - 54 Not Pres
Here i'll give you a deal if you join i will give our team's help and train and lvl you up!
We can help you get better or you can also help us to help members better!
If you need me then PM me or add me on PS3, my psn is Lboy-alex
We play for fun but sometimes we get serious and train or play matches.
Heres a link to our clan page
Also check out our new Facebook page!



Also we have voice chats if you want or just normal chats, skype chats or if you have bbm (blackberry messenger) or facebook chat!
If you want to know more about our clan then PM me.
We will sure help you. Give some of your ideas and i'll try make it true!