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BO.2 Problems

So after a couple of days not playing BO.2 as the other day the lag/rubber banding etc was beyond a joke so I gave up on it and if I had not already bought the DLC I probably would have snapped the game.

   So anyway went back on today and guess what same old crap . First it took me 3 attempt to even get in a lobby as it kept dropping me then when I did get in a game it kept rubber banding my first 2 deaths where complete BS . It lagged out and instant death never even saw the player ! So continued on and got a mediocre game going even .

   So thinking to myself is it my fault ? Is MY Internet screwing up ? So popped in MW3 which I've not played since BO.2 came out . OMG the difference was like night and day . No lag problems every game ran as smooth as a babies bum ! When I died I died because I got outplayed and felt fair . When I killed someone they died when I shot first ! And on target .

    So my conclusion is its not MY fault BO.2 is lagging its the GAMES !