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Green men.

My son got BO2 for Christmas. He has only played it a few times. Now, when starting a game all of the pre-game 'acts' are normal but when the game starts all the people and vehicles are green. I suggested maybe it was a night vision screen but he said "No, it was all brown the first couple of games" Any ideas???

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    I don't know but did you check the options menu under color assist (can't remember the name) it's for people who are color blind  now I don't know if that's the problem

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    You might have your 3D setting turned on.   It's in the game options menu.  I would check that first.  I'm not sure about this though, I've never heard of everything being green.  Or you may have a defective disc, may have scratches, etc. 

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    Faulty cable?