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People's Thoughts On Domination?


For me, the timed game is bad enough, but to cut it into two seperate rounds is also pretty bad. If you have timed rounds in Domination, why have a score limit at the end? I used to love actually being thrown into a losing game, only to cap all three points, and come back for the win. That's nearly impossible now, because even if you do cap all three near the end, you still run out of time.


Domination has always been my favorite game mode, until this game. I didn't like Dom at the start, so I've been playing Mercenary moshpit, and cringe everytime Domination comes up.


Domination was always a pretty well populated game mode, so I'm wondering what peoples thoughts were on this change.

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    It's not how it once was, but the rounds don't bother me.  It's the B flag on too many maps is so accessable from both sides it's extreamly hard to cap.

    In BO1 and in the other games B was always hard to get also, but it could be ninja capped also in addition to killing the entire team.


    It's been designed with competitive play in mind so most of the fun factors are no longer present for me.


    In BO1 I plyed nothing but Dom.  Now I hardly play it

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    I too used to love domination. Nothing like racing down the score and getting that last second B cap which wins the game for you ~195-199/200.


    That kind of excitement is dead in BO2 with the timer killing what has been a core mechanic of domination since it debuted.


    Now it's just "lol we have enough points so lets farm kills because we can't lose thx timer" with the other team cycling ragequitters because nobody wants to bother playing a game they mathematically can't win.


    Oh and ditto the attrocious B points. Drone, Standoff, Slums, Cargo, Carrier and that outdoor village level all have B bang square in the middle of the map with wide open space around it. Highly unimaginative and quite rightly boring to play.


    Just another example of competitive epeen contest catering ruining COD for the rest of us.

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    I used to enjoy Domination in Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. However, with the new round system, I don't like it. It takes away momentum and score streaks. I personally feel as if the maps are balanced enough that there is no need for this system.

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    I gave it a try last night, how dumb, run to the middle of the map (B Flag) die respawn, do it all over again and again.....I ripped the game out and put MW3 in...

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    Never liked domination because it doesn't really end well when you are rolling around the playlists solo.

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    I started a thread in the xbox forum with a similar view.


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    I've been pushing for "REMOVE THE TIMER" since the game came out.

    The Half time is a good idea though, espcially maps where one side definately has a capping/holding advantage on B (like Turbine, Carrier, Slums...). Sure beats "luck of the draw" on starting sides which with 2 equally matched teams usually decided the winner in previous titles on certian maps.


    They SHOULD remove the timer and make it so the game goes to 1/2 time when the first team hits 100 and then END when a team hits 200

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    I agree, having two timed rounds doesn't make much sense and ruins the flow of the game.  At least to me it does.  Does anybody why they made this change?  Was there a reason given?  On a plus side, I no longer play Dom exclusively....