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Is diamond really worth it?

It looks awesome and all, but do you think it's worth all the work to earn it?

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    I still can't believe I went through hell and back to get my Diamond snipers. The SVU was an absolute nightmare :/

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    I personally find diamond skins very, very ugly. But thats just my 2 cents.


    Otherwise, I would like to finish off every gun in game. However I play for fun, thus I will prob not get it. I don't feel like grinding to gold with some of the weapons.

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    Only worth it for the XP and prestige of having the Primary master.

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    C RiZ26

    Yes!!!! It's the challenge that is fun, and to be able to show it off. To complete all classes that have diamond camo, prestiged twice with your clan tag and emblem on it gives you bragging rights all year for being the most accomplished. It's well worth it! "SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND"

    LoV x C RiZ

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    Screw Diamond. Ever since I hid Prestige Master, I've had nothing to do. The only reason I am going for Diamond now is for those two calling cards. The Primary Weapons and Secondary Weapons complete ones.


    Diamond looks terrible and is easily surpassed by Gold, but I wont even use gold. In my opinion, most weapons look better with no camouflage equipped.

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    I dont see the point of the thread yo... If you work from point one when you starting to use a gun you normally will get it by the time you max the second prestige of the weapon... at least it has been that way for me through smg, ar, snipers, shotguns, lmg... currently working on the pistols and after that the only thing i think its not really worth it the assault shield.

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    it was Worth it to me but not at the same time.. let me explain... i got my SMG's diamond first took lots of grinding but well worth it in the end it gave me this feeling of great accomplishment and hardwork ... im currently on my Shotguns now i have all of them gold (just recently the S12 which was a major pain) except the M1216 which i dont get till 53 and im currently 6th Prestige / 37 so i got a minute before i can get to that one since i didnt use an unlock token on it...  the shotguns are very annoying to get gold played lots of hardcore for the S12 which was the most annoying so far im sure the M1216 will be annoying to... now i say its not because all the hacked/ glitched prestige masters with all guns diamond they instantly cheat and get diamond everything but it will be worth it once treyarch catches up to these tools.. just remember its going to be a pain but keep at it if you decide to go for it

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    For the sense of accomplishment sure it can be worth it. I know my frustration level gets the best of me though. I'm working on the DSR and that skull camo is a pain. I think they should have made it 10 headshots only with the dsr not 10 blood thirsty medals. I lije using my sniper rifles but i cant run around like some people do with it and just kill people as if it was an assault rifle. Needless and sad to say i will probably never reach the diamond camo on the snipers.


    I would never put it on if i did anyway cause it looks dumb on any weapon personally. I would only achieve it for sake of achievong it

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    Well, if you want to feel that grand sense of accomplishment, it's worth it.


    Don't know if I'll ever get diamond guns, though; I'm not an expert with sniper-rifles and shotguns, and as such I can imagine the frustration of working to master those guns.  Perhaps I could just hold off on prestiging those guns and utilize the attachments to make my work easier......but that's under the assumption that I only use those guns for a time, and I personally prefer to run-and-gun and use guns that are fast-firing and have range......well, snipers have range, but they're slow....

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    Nope, not worth it too me, since cammos really mean nothing. They do not mean skill or anything. they do not improve the weapon or anything. they are just bragging rights.