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I actually think I've worked out what's wrong with this game

(or one of the things anyway) ...

It's picking the lobbies too damn fast.


ok, bear with me  


I've started playing BO2 again this week, playing 3 hours a night because I'm collecting some lag stats, but that's another story that I will have for you next week hopefully   ...

Anyway. Something occurred to me over the last couple nights.


8 times out of 10, when I hit that button on the gametype Kill Confirmed there is less than a second delay and I am put straight into a game.

Sometimes a lobby, mostly a game that's in progress or just starting.


Now is might seem odd to complain that a game is too fast, but how could it possibly be going through all this clever matchmaking that we have  been hearing about in a fraction of a second ?  I have never seen anything like this in COD before.


Waddyathink ?  Am I talking bollocks ?

It just strikes me as strange that I am almost instantly dropped into a game.

One good thing though, I have been noticing this week that I am MAINLY hitting lobbies with people from my own country, which is a nice change of pace