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How are reports investigated / decisions taken?


Does anyone know how Activision / Treyarch investigate and act on user submitted reports?


Basically since hitting master prestige I keep getting messages telling me I've bene reported for hacking / glitching / boosting etc, some just say 'reported' and don't say for what, some people tell me to prove I'm 'legit' to avoid getting reported, the list goes on. I know I've put the hours in to get where I am but there is a small part of me that worries that if they recieve enough reports something will happen regardless of the fact I'm not at fault.


The latest one came from some American kid who was screaming at me and my mate (also master) we had hacked our prestiges and were now hacking the servers to make them lag and that we'd been reported, obviously being hosted on UK servers they weren't on the smoothest connection. I tried being reasonable and saying look at my combat record and see how long I've played, how many kills I've had etc but didn't get anywhere.


I'd like to think there is a robust proceedure in place to investige reports, but can't help but worry bearing in mind all the issues there are surrounding this game.

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    Just tell them to look at time played..


    Pretty sure the ban system is automated. But it's sophisticated and takes everything in your combat record into equation and if there is a des repent (as in its clear you boosted) you will get reset.


    It's not to hard to understand how easy it is for a System like this to exist.

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    Treyarch do not use an automated banning system. Instead, there is a live security team who investigate reports using past gameplay footage from the reported player. The security team will take action if the player is found guilty of breaking any rules. Keep in mind, these are real people reviewing  thousands upon thousands of reports so punishment will not be immediate. It can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a month for a player to be banned.


    Since Treyarch do not use an automated banning system, don't worry about being banned after receiving an X amount of reports. Treyarch know there are players out there who are good and players out there who report them. If you are a legitimate player nothing bad will befall you.


    Dan Amrich, the Community Manager at Activision, goes in a little more depth of how reports are handled:



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