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Team Ozone is now recruiting for xbox 360


Team Ozone, the product of K2K gaming is now recruiting for Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360.


To be eligible for the clan you must;

- Have a K.D of over 1.35 (you may be considered if under)

- Be a team player

- Be objective based and have a drive to win games and protect fellow clan mates in the heat of battle

- Have a primary position as run and gun, sniper, breaching specialist (shot gunner), or defender.

- Have a microphone

- Be over 16


A little information about Ozone Gaming;

- The best players of K2K gaming, a highly competitive australasian clan have left and decided to create a clan in which players can socialize over a game of COD whilst trying to win.

- We accept players from around the globe but prefer Australian or New Zealand gamers.

- Most of us having been playing the COD series for many years.

- Preffered game types are; Hardpoint, TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy, Multi Team and Capture the Flag.


Any people interested in joining a fast growing and highly skilled clan that maintains a social attitude apply by messaging me TheReaperScythe on xbox live and please include your K.D, role, and country of origin. Or simply reply on this post.


Thanks, Scutt.